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The most popular s/s 2023 collections by Valentino and Dior, followed by Balmain and Givenchy: the most beautiful inspo looks

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The spring/summer 2023 fashion shows sum up: the ranking of the most popular according to Spotlight

Dreamy, captivating, sensual, the spring/summer 2023 fashion shows gave us the taste of a carefree summer, between the desire to discover ourselves and cover ourselves in see-and-see games. In the ranking of the most viewed brands on Launchmetrics , a platform that makes the most downloaded and therefore most popular images of fashion shows visible to users, there are three names that stand out and whose looks are worth reviewing to find us already ready in the must-have selection to be included in the next summer wardrobe.

The successful spring/summer 2023 fashion shows: Valentino, Dior, Balmain

Valentino conquers the first position with over 8,000 unique downloads and 139,000 views, followed by Christian Dior who has recorded over 5,000 unique downloads and 121,000 views. Then follow Balmain, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Versace, Loewe, Isabel Marant, Fendi and Victoria Beckham, with a number of unique downloads between 3,400 and 4,800.

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However, the ranking does not only consider downloads but also the number of views, which always sees Valentino and Dior in the lead, but followed differently by Prada, Chanel, Versace, Fendi, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Balmain , with a total of 78,000-100,000 unique views.

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Overall, net of all the fashion shows, Launchmetrics again measured that the value of the media exposure of the fashion shows for the spring/summer 2023 season was approximately 931.82 million euros. A fact that for the fashion houses is an important fact to be able to think about how to direct the next marketing strategies, precisely in consideration of the looks that have attracted the most users, who, in consideration of the most appreciated looks according to the algorithms, dream of a summer look sober and essential, just with a few eye-catching details.

Dreaming of next summer's looks: which ones have been the most "clicked"

Preferences, clicks, downloads are the immaterial transmigration that express the preferences of fashion addicts and can also allow us to imagine the must haves and the looks that we will love and desire the most. In this case, from the dream of the fashion show to prêt-à-porter, the ranking is subverted: first of all there is Saint Laurent , who has struck a chord with its oversized leather coat and see-through dress. Here they are the first two must-haves that can be worn on several occasions for next summer.

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So away with the idea that jacket, leather biker jacket, in long or short version will stop in spring. The same could be said of the cape that in the linked dress version by Valentino seems to suggest that this designer effect that becomes geometric is quite popular. Then follows Prada which confirms the return of skinny trousers and Bottega Veneta, a sign of an increasingly preponderant taste towards the essential and minimalism, interpreted by Kate Moss in a look with baggy jeans and a checked shirt. Perfect image with a wild flavor that we love so much in summer.

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