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The must-have garments for elegant and minimal chic outfits according to Giorgio Armani

Socialite with black dress

The secret of a top wardrobe has always been to have essential items to mix with each other. To confirm this is also Giorgio Armani

The wardrobe for special occasions a la Carrie Bradshaw is a dream: those of us would not like to have a walk-in closet in which to get lost! But even before buying whimsical clothes and extravagant garments, you need to start from the basics and then the right approach to build the perfect wardrobe is a back to basic that begins by identifying those essential items, by type and nuance, basic must-haves that mixed between they create multiple elegant and chic looks that you can rely on every day.

And if King George has no doubts about it, he has identified and selected the key pieces that we must not forget to keep in our wardrobe and that are the basis of his collections, chapeau , we just have to check that they are not missing. .

The essential items of the female wardrobe: the evergreens according to Giorgio Armani

There are garments that are never lacking in the Giorgio Armani collections and that reveal which are the pieces that the designer of elegance and minimal chic considers to be those must-haves that every woman cannot give up. We can only start with the jacket , of which Armani has always had a very clear and precise idea of ​​the functionality of this garment.

“It is a versatile garment that I reinvented in a casual, soft and above all not too formal way. The deconstructed jackets that I created in the '80s for men and women have become my "trademark": everything seems to derive from this unique piece that I review and revisit in each collection " , so the designer summarizes how this iconic garment over time always knows how to play a new part.

The comfortable-cut suit trousers , which recently starred at the Armani Haute Couture also in an unprecedented sultan version, a feminine cut shirt, basic t-shirt and long coat, are the essential and elegant garments that the designer invites to have in the closet. An elegant pret a porter, perfect to be worn every day and which he himself has included in his more urban soul, that of Emporio Armani.

How to mix wardrobe essentials: possible combinations

How to combine these five essential items? We can of course mix them with each other but their basic vocation makes them naturally adaptable to other garments such as long skirts, miniskirts, crop tops and cardigans. The potential and the infinite combinations of the comfy suit trousers, for example, allow us to combine it with a white shirt if the destination is the office, but ready to be worn even in the evening perhaps with a more sophisticated top to which we can also add a blazer. .

– And speaking of the white shirt , Armani in his latest Emporio collection also shows us how not to look at it only as a formal must-have, but invites us to experiment, to always give it a new light by combining it with a pair of cargo jeans.

Functional and this year the protagonist of a real revival is the t-shirt , also in this case basic, white or black, which has now officially become a save look under a jacket, a vest or alone embellished with a jewel.

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