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The new Skims bras are interpreted by Brooke Shields to celebrate beauty and inclusiveness

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The shapewear of Skims by Kim Kardashian knows neither silhouette nor age: Brooke Shields is the new testimonial of the brand

The direction that Kim Kardashian is giving to her brand Skims, collections of modeling underwear, is clearly that of exclusivity but her goal is not to stop at the simple definition but to really explain what is meant by inclusive and all the nuances that it characterize. A concept that is slowly and effectively embracing high fashion too, and it is no coincidence that Kardashian is fresh from a collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana. After choosing the silhouettes of Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian as ambassador, now it's up to Brooke Shields.

Brooke Shields x Skims: inclusive underwear also means ageless

At 57, Brooke Shields shows the beauty of a mature, free, wonderful body, wearing a lingerie collection with a nude and bronze effect that enhances her body and enhances its beauty. The message is clear: Skims does not speak only to girls but to all women, who at all ages take care of their body, not underestimating even underwear.

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Wearing a piece of the Skims collection means choosing a functional and practical underwear , essential but at the service of your body, improving the fit and comfort of the garments, almost as if it were a second skin. The actress, protagonist of the presentation campaign of the new bras, poses naturally, enhancing the wearability of a bra that is modeled on the body, also embracing new technical textures, thus introducing a more refined and refined line.

The collaboration and the Skims diktat have fully met the ideas of Brooke Shields, not only testimonial but also ambassador of the brand. In fact, she defined herself as very enthusiastic: “ I think you can only feel sexy if you have confidence in yourself and in your body. What inspires and fascinates me the most about women's bodies is how strong it is without showing it. He's capable of so many things, ” said the actress while shooting a backstage video on the campaign set.

The new Skims bras: the models and how much they cost

The fashion campaign of the new Skims bras involved not only celebrities but also ordinary women: each of them was asked what it means to be sexy, what relationship they have with lingerie and above all with their body. The new Skim bras want not only to model themselves to the body but also to the personality of the wearer: there are many models in the naked line, ready to adapt to every body and every complexion.

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The novelty is also in the choice of material: some are made in a silk solution with a nude and natural effect and others in 3D mesh with zero gravity. The starting price is from 50 euros upwards and are available in basic colors and in red , purple and fuchsia colored versions.

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