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The pochette becomes smart: the iconic Chanel it-bag is always in step with the times of the it-girls

Green leather bag

In the universe of the most desired iconic bags of all time, the always contemporary Chanel clutch cannot be missing

There's no influencer who doesn't show it off, there's no woman who doesn't want it: the Chanel clutch is the ideal gift that one would like to receive on any occasion, because it's always a good idea. A little shoulder bag, a little handbag, Chanel as Mademoiselle would have liked, offers it every year but always in a contemporary key. On the other hand, choosing a Chanel bag means always carrying an important slice of fashion history with you, which is why owning it has a much higher value than simply wearing it. Just one is probably not enough, because a different one has been designed for every taste, need and style.

Chanel bags 2022: from the basic to the flat model, how the leather clutch has evolved

For a few years now, the trend embraced by Chanel has been to transform the clutch into an ever smaller and more precious accessory: the bag is worn like a jewel, it becomes the eye-catcher of the outfit, that surprising detail that does not pass unnoticed.

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The latest model in black leather, a classic, has evolved into a flat version almost as if it were a wallet to be worn over the shoulder, in textured leather with gold-effect metal details, which adds to the iconic chain shoulder strap also some coin charms with engraved the number 5. The maison thus explores a concept of prêt-à-porter that has always characterized Coco's vision and takes it decidedly further, to be worn lightly in which to keep the essentials.

How to wear it: a versatile, casual and elegant pochette

A leather bag is forever and if it is Chanel it is even more so: from the Ferragni sisters to Belen Rodriguez, there is no influencer or VIP who, at least once in their outfit, has not included that delicious and precious handbag that never stops every year to surprise us and set trends.

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From the flat model to the cartel one, passing through what becomes an elegant pouch – and it has also been able to make us re-evaluate this accessory for how chic it is – the Chanel clutch does not allow for rules: it knows how to embellish and enhance any look. As if by magic in its presence, simple jeans take on a special and sophisticated allure, while on an elegant dress it is the refined touch that with its matelassé texture seals an elegant outfit but with a dynamic and elusive vocation. A bit like the protagonists of the campaigns, fascinating, sensual, free and indomitable women.

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Choosing the black nuance is therefore a precious investment, to give as a gift or treat yourself, but also watch out for the colored models, equally sublime and capable of making any look effervescent and original. A Viva Magenta nuance could be the trendiest choice to add to your it-bag collection in 2023-

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