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The recipe for homemade chocolate eggs: discover all the versions!

Chocolate eggs

Make delicious homemade chocolate eggs by choosing the filling and decoration that drives you crazy!

Easter is upon us and lunch must be organized in the best possible way. But what’s better than finishing your meal with the quick and easy recipe of filled chocolate eggs? Eggs have always been the Easter symbol of excellence representing life enclosed in its shell, thus celebrating the rebirth of man to eternal life.

The ones we offer you today are delicious sweets for Easter, to be made and filled in different ways . Today we make those with milk chocolate shell and white filling. Equip yourself with a silicone mold and let’s find out the recipe!

Chocolate eggs
Chocolate eggs

Preparation of the recipe for filled chocolate eggs

  1. Pour the cream into a saucepan and put on the heat until it reaches a boil .
  2. Grate the white chocolate and add it to the cream, stirring until it has melted completely.
  3. Melt the milk chocolate in a bain-marie and pour it into the molds distributing well and eliminating the excess chocolate.
  4. When they are slightly solidified, fill them with the prepared cream and leave in the freezer for 10 minutes .
  5. Remove the halves of the eggs from the mold and repeat the operation.
  6. When the other halves are solidified, spread a light veil of melted chocolate along the edges to combine and create your complete eggs.

I can also be made with dark chocolate or ruby ​​chocolate , depending on your taste.

Variants for Easter eggs

If you like the aftertaste of coffee , add two teaspoons of soluble coffee in the cooking cream until it melts. You can also fill the eggs with a chocolate mousse, whipped cream or very delicate milk cream to always have your white heart in the center of the eggs.

Try making eggs filled with fresh fruit. We offer you the filling with apricots or strawberries in all their creativity:

  • They will be excellent with a chocolate ganache and decorated with two slices of strawberries and a sprig of whipped cream.
  • Instead, you can obtain the appearance of a real egg by cutting the surface of the whole eggs. Fill up to the edge with the cream and decorate with a small slice of apricot in syrup to simulate the yolk.

To create eggs filled with puffed rice, finally, melt some dark chocolate in a bain-marie and then mix it with the puffed rice . You can decide to fill them or to make eggs entirely with the rice and chocolate mixture through the molds.


Keep them in the fridge for up to two days in an airtight container. If they contain fruit, we advise you to consume them within 24 hours .

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