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The revenge of the mini and midi bags, they will be the most desired for spring/summer 2023

Yellow padded cassette bag

If we enjoy maxi bags again this winter, for next summer it will be the mignon-sized bags that are tempting

For several years now, the maxi shopper or tote bag to take to work, for free time and often even in the evening has been our favorite adventure companion for a long time. However, the catwalks of the spring/summer 2023 collections seem to want to tell us a new story, a chapter made up of new habits, some of which have actually already been spotted in recent months. Reevaluate small bags and perhaps show them off together with backpacks and rucksacks so as to be able to have the practical bag behind your shoulders and the more trendy and sophisticated one as a handbag. A compromise that in the upcoming hot season confirms the revenge of the small format bags.

Spring/Summer 2023 bags: iconic, mini, brilliant, floral, colorful handbags

A diktat that emerged loud and clear from the catwalks is undoubtedly one: the bag wants to be an eye-catcher, to be noticed for its shape, for its colors and its texture, in short, it does not want to be a plus of the look but a protagonist .

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– And who more than she continues to be aging very well if not the Fendi Baguette with its wonderful 25 years, an it-bag that has caused a lot of talk this year thanks to its birthday but which will certainly dictate trends and if he will also talk a lot next summer.

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Valentino also travels on bags with a precious mold, proposing a series of handbags to be carried by hand as clutches but roomy enough to be able to contain more than a mobile phone: a practical dimension, with the wrist-sized shoulder strap that defines a new concept of prêt bag -à-porter for the evening.

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– The more colorful and eccentric it is, the more the bag fully reflects next summer's trends, not only designer, very colorful in solid color, with a fine texture but also decorative, like the wonderful Loewe models in trunk format where the flower is often also a floral decoration like a brooch, almost defying the size of the bag.

Yes to the maxi evening bag, but soft to hug or hold in your hands

If mignon bags dominate the scene, in order not to be caught unprepared, it must be said that the maxi bag tries to reinvent itself and change its dress code. If before we aimed to wear it as a perfect and roomy everyday bag, now it becomes an accessory to show off, more for aesthetic taste than utility . That's how it doesn't leave the scene but is brought into different contexts, especially in the evening, in the hands or close to the arm thanks to its soft consistency.

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– This is how we spotted it on the Jil Sander catwalks, also embellished with a golden chain handle, which clearly defines the precious appeal of this model which is worn and held in the arms almost like a document holder; by Tom Ford , which gives it a shiny and bright texture, a glam hobo model, very light as a beach bag.

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