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The spring summer 2023 trends: here are the 10 essential must-haves

stylish spring outfit girl

What will we find in the windows of clothing stores in spring summer 2023? From the fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris in September 2022, here are the ten choices that cannot be missing from our wardrobes.

The must have that we absolutely cannot give up is the timeless denim . In fact, it will be the undisputed master of the beautiful seasons, and this is also demonstrated by the big brands who never miss an opportunity to show it on the catwalk. Denim has always been a much loved garment because it is resistant and durable over time, but also because it brings with it the charm of vintage. Absolutely "yes" to denim on denim, a total look with which it is impossible to go wrong. Among the most popular models are the soft baggy jeans, the great protagonists of the 2000s. Also central is the variant of gray wide-leg jeans, an obsession with stars and models. But the most popular are…The wide leg jeans in the cargo version.

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