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The super mini skirt in the shape of a belt: the model designed by Diesel could become a trend thanks to Dua Lipa

Denim jeans skirt

Fashion trends reveal legs even in winter: they pass through stockings and arrive at the miniskirt in maxi-belt format

How many stars, pop stars and influencers can decree the success of a brand new trend today? Probably a lot, especially if we consider those who weave a direct line with Gen Z. Dua Lipa is undoubtedly one of them and if she begins to wear something or to show a weakness for some item in particular, we will almost certainly find that must-have among the next trends. Even if the trend in question is one of the most particular: would you have ever thought that a maxi denim belt could replace a miniskirt or reinvent it? The idea is not Dua Lipa's, but it was her who showed it off with pride and sensuality these days.

Fashion trends 2023: the maxi belt that becomes a miniskirt, by Diesel

New and trendy from the Diesel collection, the maxi belt that becomes a miniskirt is one of the identifying garments of the current Diesel collections. We have seen it in the summer collection and before that in the winter one: always in denim, crotchless and branded.

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A garment, which has a good chance of becoming a trend and which definitely catches the observer off guard: as a whole it is not immediately identified as a belt, but on closer inspection it is in all respects. A maxi belt that can be closed with a hook-and-loop strap, or maybe even have a metal buckle so that the comfort of the skirt can be adjusted, just like a belt.

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Long, short, the dimensions are variable, as is the choice of material. Denim certainly allows you to play more with its versatility and malleability, as well as the extra long model, which almost has the effect of a train.

The model worn by Dua Lipa: how to match it

On the Diesel catwalks there has never been any doubt: this streetwear , bold and irreverent mini is worn with the pelvis uncovered. But with winter running on, Dua Lipa suggests an alternative in the winter edition , who always focuses on a total denim look according to Diesel, relying on a Filo t-shirt that slightly reveals the belly.

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The red stiletto heel boots in python texture create a bold and captivating contrast, perfectly in line with the mood of this miniskirt that enjoys playing with creativity and fashion experimentation. A model that is undoubtedly already a cult !

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