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The thousand faces of tomato juice

Tomato juice

If you are looking for quick and easy breakfast recipes, tomato juice is for you. Here’s how to prepare it and its properties.

Of all the detox recipes, tomato juice is perhaps one of the least known. In fact, many think that it is only used to prepare the well-known alcoholic cocktail, without knowing that reality is a real panacea for health. In fact, tomato juice contains many properties and benefits: rich in vitamins and potassium , the presence of lycopene makes it a powerful antioxidant. As for the calories of tomato juice instead, know that they are very few: consumed without condiments they are about 17 per 100 g of product .

Tomato juice was first prepared in 1917 in the United States by the hand of Louis Perrin. Having to serve his guests something thirst-quenching and running out of oranges, he discovers how to make tomato juice simply by blending it. In his version there were also sugar and a particular sauce he invented. Today, the tomato juice to drink is found both naturally and added with other ingredients.

Tomato juice
Tomato juice

How to make the tomato juice recipe

  1. First, wash the tomatoes thoroughly under running water. Choose ripe ones so that they are naturally sweet and juicy.
  2. Then score the lower part with an X cut and blanch them in boiling water for 1 minute. This step is to remove the peel faster.
  3. Using a small knife, peel them and transfer them to the glass of an immersion blender or to the blender jug. To squeeze the tomato juice, all you have to do is blend at maximum power for a few minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  4. Filter everything in a fine mesh colander in order to remove the seeds and transfer to the refrigerator for a couple of hours before consuming it.

Tomato juice is used to keep the cardiovascular system healthy, however it is recommended to consume homemade tomato juice as those on the market often have additional ingredients that could at least partially cancel their beneficial properties, such as sodium. In any case, it will only be a careful reading of the label to reveal how healthy the product you are holding is.

That said, it is natural to wonder how much tomato juice to drink each day. According to recent studies, a glass of tomato juice a day , consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, allows you to enjoy all its benefits. Of course, nobody forbids you to try the cocktail with the tomato juice par excellence, the Bloody Mary , but maybe not for breakfast!


You can keep the tomato juice in the refrigerator for a couple of days, preferably in a glass container with a lid.

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