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The traditional goodness of pasta alla mugnaia

Pasta alla mugnaia

We prepare pasta alla mugnaia, a traditional Abruzzo first course full of flavors.

Pasta alla mugnaia is a typical product belonging to the repertoire of Italian gastronomy. Specifically, it is a first course typical of Abruzzo cuisine, which consists of fresh homemade and processed pasta , traditionally by hand. They are very similar to noodles , but have a thicker shape. Originally from Elice , a village in the province of Pescara, this dish is seasoned with meat sauce, enriched with genuine and tasty vegetables, such as aubergines and peppers.

Buckle up your apron and go to the kitchen!

Pasta alla mugnaia
Pasta alla mugnaia

Preparation of the recipe for pasta alla mugnaia

  1. Start with the sauce. Finely chop the green pepper, onion and carrot.
  2. Fill a saucepan with a couple of tablespoons of oil, put on the stove to heat up. Pour in the meat and brown a little.
  3. Add all the chopped ingredients and fry them too. At this point, add the tomato sauce and a glass of water (250 ml).
  4. Meanwhile, cut the red pepper and aubergine into cubes . Add them to the rest of the sauce, mix and add salt. Let it cook for about 40 minutes .
  5. Switch to pasta. Sift the flour and pour it into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt and pour the water a little at a time , mixing with your hands. Once done, knead and get a good firm and homogeneous dough.
  6. For convenience, divide this dough into several portions (perhaps 50 g each ). Work one of them at a time: roll it out with a rolling pin to have a thin sheet, flour it and roll it up on itself, then cut it into parts about 1 cm wide . Work each strip of pasta as if it were a cord, because the purpose is to obtain a thick noodle.
  7. Flour a tray and place the dough on top, also covering it with flour.
  8. At this point, the sauce is ready and appears congealed. Turn off and let it cool.
  9. Fill a saucepan with plenty of water and add salt. When it boils, dip the pasta inside and let it cook for 10 minutes .
  10. When it is cooked, drain and distribute it on plates, adding the sauce.

History of pasta alla mugnaia

The original recipe of this traditional dish has very ancient origins. According to some testimonies, it could date back to 1300 . The reason is quickly explained: it is a very simple dish belonging to the peasant tradition. Its name derives from the millers who gave rise to this type of pasta. Initially, it was made with flour processed in the various mills in the area of ​​the Fino river. Here, it was served in white, as it was a poor dish. In the following years, it was enriched more and more with seasoning.


The best advice is to prepare, cook and enjoy homemade pasta alla mugnaia at the moment. You can keep the sauce in the fridge , in an airtight container, for up to 2 days .

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