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The trendiest bijoux to give at Christmas are those of the Ferragni sisters: sparkling and sophisticated collections

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Chiara and Valentina Ferragni inspire our looks and also our bijoux. And their jewelry collections stand out among the perfect Christmas gifts

Thoughtful gifts, tailor-made for whoever receives them are exactly the type of gift that each of us would like to be able to unwrap at Christmas. So to the best friend, mother, aunt or simply to ourselves – because at Christmas we can and must pamper ourselves a little – who love to create, make themselves and always be fashionable, give a jewel from the Chiara or Valentina collection Ferragni could only be the most intuitive and happy choice! Because behind the jewels of the two influencers and entrepreneurs there is not only a contemporary manufacturing and design but also a great desire to shine, inside and out.

Christmas gifts 2022 Bijoux: Chiara Ferragni's jewelry collection

Sparkling in the light, delicious, glam and ultra-feminine, the most loved gifts by fashion addicts. The Jewels collection by Chiara Ferragni brand fully represents this spirit and is a romantic hymn to life, to the desire to play and experiment with the symbols that have always been dear to the brand's imagination mixed with classic and sparkling details that have always characterized high jewelery .

How are they worn? With simplicity, every day, without waiting for the right occasion: Chiara herself shows us how her jewels give brightness to casual and elegant looks, thanks to medium-sized precious zircons, colored, in silver or gold and in different shapes. Within the site there are several lines that we can find: among the latest, the most sparkling is Rainbow , which offers rings with heart-shaped zircons in a multicolor version with geometric details, drop or hoop earrings, necklaces and bracelets, in iconic design from the brand's Jewels collection. Those who love essentiality can focus on the same line but completely transparent, the Princess.

For the more romantic and essential, the proposals range from the Infinity Love with transparent zircons and composed of the necklace with heart pendant, single pendant earrings with heart-shaped zircons, to the Infinity Love FairyTale collection composed of earrings and tennis bracelets made with zircons heart in fuchsia or transparent nuances. Prices start at 49 euros and vary according to the line, model and accessory.

Valentina Ferragni Studio: a Uali is forever!

Just like Chiara, Valentina shows us how to wear her jewelry collection, which includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, Scooby-doos and piercings, but the special guest who gave rise to the collection is the high jewelry single earring that recalls the V of Valentina, is the Uali .

The Uali can be worn as single earrings or in pairs, they cost around 99 euros and have a decidedly different design from Chiara's collection: sporty, dynamic, minimal and attentive to detail, a gold or silver colored base is combined with thin colored stripes , exactly represent the character, determination and tenacity of Valentina, who has made her idea and vision of bijoux into a line designed for all those girls who love to make fashion an expression of their personality. Perfect to include among gift ideas for that wonder woman friend or for the dreamer who needs a good luck charm to continue pursuing her dreams.

The Uali are available in minimal chic versions composed of only the V or among this year's novelties there is the Caro Zirconia , which crosses the iconic V of the brand in a geometric shape. A decidedly more sophisticated and sparkling version, perfect for illuminating an evening look.

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