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The trousers, blazers and jackets that we will not be able to do without next winter: the suggestions by Armani Privé

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Haute Couture f / w 2022-2023 Armani Privé silently anticipated the ready-to-wear trends for the next winter season

The Haute Couture autumn / winter 2022-2023 shows were not only a showcase for the high fashion dress code of the fashion houses but also a precious and welcome preview of the trends that we will also see in the ready-to-wear clothing for the next winter season. Giorgio Armani gave ample space to our daily must-haves in his high fashion collection: from the Armani Privé collection it is possible to identify the trousers, jackets and blazers that we cannot do without.

Trends f / w 2022-2023: straight, sultan and tulle trousers, the must-have models

We love skirts and dresses, they have always been the full expression of femininity, but God bless also the trousers, which have always been a symbol of female emancipation and a garment that, according to its design, tells our life: the longest and most elegant for special evenings. , the over and practical ones to wear every day, the structured and rigorous ones for business appointments that require order and sobriety.

And speaking of straight trousers, protagonists of next winter, destined to become even more elegant and chic in the Armani Privé version. They are tinged with wisteria next to the inevitable black, but above all the high waist allows you to revisit them in an oversized key, transforming them into the beloved and comfortable sultan models that we wear in the summer but more structured.

The most elegant novelty, on the other hand, is in the tulle trousers : elegant by vocation but ready to be worn very long like a suit trousers, strictly with heels as if it were an evening dress. There is no shortage of ankle-high models, with a delicate and sinuous design: they are the new cigarette pants but more easy ride .

Blazers, jackets and cardigans to wear as knitwear

Generally our beloved and indispensable blazers, jackets and cardigans, faithful companions of layered fashion that in autumn saves us several times from the moods of the weather and temperatures, are combined with an “under”: shirts, sweaters, tops.

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But this winter the already spotted trend of the cardigan to wear with nothing underneath evolves and stabilizes: the blazer lengthens and thus becomes both a jacket and outerwear to be worn alone, as if it were a suit, to which rigorous or slightly voluminous trousers are added. . Jackets and cardigans get shorter pinned only by buttons that reveal minimal crop tops or play with the nude effect, to be reserved for an evening look. And remember to embellish them to shine: brooches and sparkling jewels become an integral part of the outfit, both day and night.

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