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The wedge becomes elegant and chic in the summer of 2023: it’s trendy in a slim version

Slim wedge shoes

A little stiletto, a little wedge, this is how spring/summer trends design the shoe of the season with a slim wedge

The biggest dream of all of us? Wear a pair of heels that are high enough but also comfortable! A desire that the fashion world knows well and that every year it tries to realize by thinking about new shapes, aesthetics and experiments in designing the ideal shoes for the season. If slingbacks are the most loved of spring among the trends, this year the slim wedge is competing with their medium and low heel. In the nostalgic whirlwind of fashion that takes us back to the turn of the 90s and 2000s , the appeal of the fashion details of the period could not miss the wedge , which is revisited in its thin version . The result is a wedge that puts aside the large and imposing shapes, tapering and evolving into an ultra-chic shape.

Spring/Summer 2023 shoe trends: the slim wedge on the catwalk, from Givenchy to Ferragamo

They had already been spotted during the autumn/winter 2022-2023 fashion shows, as if the stylists wanted to present them in passing what would soon become a trend. The first maison to present their dynamic charm in a street version was Givenchy , with its over the knee boots but also the sneakers with a wide silhouette like the one we know but hollowed out.

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In the spring and winter 2023 models, the wedge becomes taller and thinner , almost as if to transform itself into a wider and more balanced stiletto to give stability to the foot, because research always aims at that: making us feel comfortable in sexiest and most innovative way possible. Even the Mary Janes are reinvented with the slim wedge , as shown by Ferragamo and Prada.

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Mules, slingbacks and sandals with slim wedges: the models by Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo and Blumarine

Almost all the trendiest footwear models of the season are revisited in a slim wedge version: the effect is that of a shoe with an extravagant but also a little futuristic elegance, as in the sabot proposed by Bottega Veneta in the metallic texture. In this case the wedge tapers so much that it turns into a massive heel.

– Even the king of women's shoes Jimmy Choo explores the possibilities of the wedge, but enjoys playing with the undulations: thus revisiting the classic high wedge in a wavy and soft shape , perfect for writing the design of chic models designed for glamorous looks from evening.

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– Blumarine instead takes the coolest model of spring, the slingback, and gives it a new dress code: wilder in its soft and therefore comfy leather texture that gives it the same allure of the flat models, but revisited with a glam flavor thanks to the slim wedge.

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