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The winter pret-a-porter jacket of the heart is the short down jacket, to be worn day-by-day

Pink down jacket

It’s hard to imagine a winter season without it: short down jackets are among this year’s practical and trendy jackets.

To be worn almost like capes , the short down jackets of the 2022 winter season alternate between classic models and other decidedly renewed ones , often to be personalized with accessories as well. They remain faithful to their practical, dynamic and prêt-à-porter nature, but are also discovered as perfect evening jackets , ideal in evenings where the wind is felt and the simple elegant jacket is not enough.

From the casual riding style of Elisabetta Franchi to the musketeer of the night who does not give up the sparkling touch of Michael Kors, January is more than ever the month in which to show off short duvets for morning and evening, to stay warm and be comfy, practical and elegant in one go .

Short down jackets 2022: the padded jacket is rediscovered as the protagonist, on the catwalk and beyond

When we said day by day it is because the short down jacket is really the type of jacket that we can wear every day: this year’s models are preferred bulky , without condemning the Michelin man effect, which is rather contained by embellishing the down jackets with belts. .

Often we can find them already combined with the model itself, but if they are not there, you can choose the belt you prefer: in the TV series Blanca , the protagonist has made the multicolor down jacket with the belt her favorite jacket, must have of her look daily to combine with miniskirts, dresses, leggings and trousers, which we can enhance even more with short models.

And thanks to a belt, in fact we can make our looks more visible under the jacket, especially on sunny days: a style also proposed by Elisabetta Franchi on the catwalk, who recalled how this mood with long boots can become decidedly equestrian .

Also perfect for the evening: the down jacket also becomes a glam jacket in a cape version

To overturn the vision of the short down jacket as a jacket to wear during the day, this year it was undoubtedly Michael Kors , who managed to make this coat decidedly elegant. The cape models, with a high collar, are certainly the most intriguing for an evening look but often also the classics with a bright and refined texture, they have nothing to envy to a coat that for the coldest temperatures may not be enough to defend us from the cold if not accompanied by a poncho or a shrug.

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Kors’s idea? Bright colors , almost summery by day, and shades like black or gray in the evening , but on both occasions the choice of shoes will give a special touch: would you have ever thought that down jackets and pumps could be so glamorous?

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