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There is no Neapolitan street food without fried polenta chips

Fried polenta flakes

Fried polenta scagliozzi are a typical product of Neapolitan street food. Here is the quick and easy recipe to make at home.

Also called tittole, fried polenta scagliozzi are a typical recipe of Neapolitan street food. In reality, their origins are disputed with the territory of Foggia. Also widespread in the Bari area, they remain an original recipe, typical of the Italian gastronomic tradition and loved everywhere. The preparation is very simple and involves the creation of a dough, based on polenta – in fact – to be roughly cut and served very hot. You can decide the shape, what matters is that these rectangles or triangles of homemade polenta are tasty!

Fried polenta flakes
Fried polenta flakes

Preparation for the recipe of fried polenta scagliozzi

  1. To start, take a pan and pour the water into it. Add the lard, salt and pepper.
  2. We put on the stove and cook, until it comes to a boil .
  3. At this point, pour the corn flour for instant polenta into the pot, all at once.
  4. Stir for 8 minutes and simmer over medium heat . In this time, the dough must thicken and dry.
  5. Take a pan with low edges and line it with parchment paper. We spread the dough on it and level it to reach the desired thickness ( about 1-2 cm ).
  6. Cover with another sheet of parchment paper, sealing the edges as well. Refrigerate to harden for at least 1 hour (you can leave it for even more hours).
  7. After the resting time, return the dough to a kitchen surface (keeping it on the sheet of parchment paper) and cut it into pieces, in the shape you prefer.
  8. At this point, you need to fry the polenta chips. Fill a pan with plenty of seed oil.
  9. Heat the liquid on the stove, then immerse a few pieces at a time. When they are golden brown , you can drain each rectangle of fried polenta and place it on a tray, covered with absorbent paper.
  10. Serve immediately and enjoy!


These fried polenta scagliozzi are excellent when served as an appetizer or an aperitif. You can keep them for 1 day , closed in a container.

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