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There’s a festive atmosphere, prepare a delicious Christmas salty log!

Salty Christmas log

To decorate your table during the Christmas holidays, we offer you the recipe for the salty Christmas log, without cooking.

The most beautiful and magical time of the year has begun and should be celebrated properly. There's no better way to do this than by gathering around the table with family and friends. Whether it's for lunch or dinner, the dishes must always be impeccable. One of the best ideas that we offer you for this year is the salty Christmas log: covered with so much Philadelphia , it has the shape of a small piece of white, snow-covered log .

The tastiest surprise, however, lies inside. The filling is made up of genuine products with an incredible flavour. To stuff it you can use a variety of ingredients, but today we offer you the version with capricciosa salad , lettuce , ham and little else. Furthermore, it is very easy to prepare and does not require cooking . Let the festivities begin and let's go to the kitchen!

Salty Christmas log
Salty Christmas log

Preparing the recipe for the salty log

  1. On a work surface, roll out a long layer of plastic wrap .
  2. Arrange the 3 slices of white bread for sandwiches very close together on top of it. Cross them by a couple of centimeters, along the edges that touch.
  3. Roll them out with a rolling pin to thin them and unite them more.
  4. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise all along the pastry. Then, cover with the slices of ham .
  5. Spread the capricciosa salad on top of the salami and cover with lettuce leaves .
  6. Using the cling film, wrap the sheet of white bread around itself, starting from the smallest edge.
  7. Seal the whole outside with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to let it rest for 30 minutes .
  8. You can cut a small piece and place it in the center of the long side of the trunk to create another small branch.
  9. Cover it entirely with a generous layer of Philadelphia .
  10. With the prongs of a fork , form streaks on the surface. Decorate to your liking and serve.

And here is a scenographic but tasty dish served on the table that wins the podium among our Christmas appetizers .


This savory Christmas log is perfect for enriching the table during the holiday season. However, you can prepare it all year round and whenever you feel like it, because it's simple to do. It can also be kept in the fridge for a maximum of 2 days , always covered with transparent film .

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