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These 5 habits make your skin much drier

dry skin

Let's find out what are the wrong habits that make the skin drier.

From boiling water to the use of aggressive products: here are the daily habits that make skin dry!

Even if not everyone knows it, there are some daily habits that risk damaging the skin and making it increasingly dry. A situation that in the long run can be a problem.
To prevent this from happening, it's important to try to use quality, non-aggressive products and, above all, that are perfect for the skin. At the same time, however, it is even more important to avoid products and habits that can damage the skin. Here, then, are the 5 wrong habits that should be absolutely avoided in order to obtain skin that is always soft and hydrated.

Dry skin: 5 bad habits

Being able to count on well-hydrated skin means always looking your best, enjoying a fresh and sunny look and even gaining in color. A result that can only be achieved by avoiding some mistakes that many make every day without knowing it.

dry skin
dry skin

Use harsh body products

One of the main reasons why the skin would tend to dry out is the use of too aggressive products. If they are not quality products and, above all, they are not suitable for your skin type, using them can in fact make the situation worse. Another of the mistakes that are often made without knowing it is to abound too much with products that promise to hydrate. Doing so runs the risk of irritating the skin and ruining it even more. Moderating and using organic products without silicones or parabens can therefore be the turning point to change things.

It uses unsuitable detergents and softeners.

Even the skin of the body deserves the right attention and often poor hydration or dry skin that tends to flake depends on the incorrect use of detergents. The trick is to choose products with little fragrance and based on ingredients that are as natural as possible. By doing this you will not irritate your skin and you will get a better result while avoiding unpleasant rashes.

Exfoliate your skin continuously

The use of the exfoliator serves to eliminate once and for all dead cells from the skin and free it from impurities. It's a treatment that if performed from time to time is useful for renewing the skin. If applied several times a week, however, it only tends to irritate and damage the skin , rather than improve it. The advice is therefore to perform the treatment once a week, even with DIY recipes !

Use warm water

Another wrong habit, especially in winter, is to use boiling water. Whether it's the one to wash your face or the one you put in the tub for a restorative bath , it's always a mistake. Hot water, in fact, tends to dehydrate the skin and dry it in a short time. At the same time, soaking or showering too much can also complicate things. On the contrary, however, avoiding it could make the skin much softer and more hydrated.

Not drinking the right amount of water

We often hear about hydration but we never pay the right attention to it. Unfortunately, the frenetic pace often leads to not drinking enough. Which has serious repercussions both on the body and on the skin. In order to have well hydrated skin, it is important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Which will help you feel better and have more hydrated skin.

Knowing the five most common mistakes people make when it comes to hydration is a good way to avoid dry skin . In this way it will be possible to always count on a healthy epidermis and on a face hydrated at the right point and easier to make up.

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