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They’re crunchy, yellow and come from Mexico: today we’re making tacos!


Crunchy and excellent for filling, the tacos with the original recipe are really simple to prepare: you only need three ingredients!

Tacos are a sort of Mexican tortilla prepared according to the area with corn or wheat flour and usually eaten stuffed with meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. The substantial difference between tacos and tortillas is that the latter are soft and often served rolled up, while the former are crunchy .

However, it should be noted that tacos as we are used to eating them are considered by Mexicans to be a tex-mex food , the result of large restaurants and distribution chains: in fact, in Mexico the so-called hard sheld tacos are not consumed. In fact, however, they are universally known as a Mexican recipe and we too, to make you better understand what they are about, have labeled them as such.


How to make tacos recipe

  1. To prepare the tacos, put the cornmeal in a bowl. Although the recipes never specify the degree of milling, we advise you to use the finest you can find .
  2. Then add the warm water in which you have dissolved the salt and mix with your hands. The result will be a rather crumbly dough, difficult to compact.
  3. Transfer it between two sheets of parchment paper and roll it out with a rolling pin until it reaches a thickness of a couple of millimeters .
  4. With a 12 cm diameter pastry cutter, cut discs and remove the excess dough.
  5. Wrap each disc around a cannoli cylinder and bake at 160°C in ventilated mode for 8 minutes .
  6. Let the tacos cool before using them in your recipes.

We advise you to try the tacos together with an excellent beef chilli or to make our vegan tacos recipe : we are sure that everyone will like them! Don't forget to prepare some salsa too, especially guacamole !

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