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Those sneakers that really look good on everything and with everything: the Adidas Samba are the must-have of sports models

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Loved by influencers for their sporty-chic allure, if there is a pair of sneakers at the top of the trends and to invest in during sales, those are the Adidas Samba.

It will be that timeless vintage air, their comfort and the innate ability to really match everything, the Adidas Samba are the shoes to invest in during sales, a golden opportunity to update and renew wardrobe and shoe rack. Today so pop, their past would never have envisaged thinking about how and why they were born, to transform themselves into a cult accessory desired by stars and then by influencers, who made them incredibly sporty chic, perfect for a casual look for a walk.

In summer and in winter, Sambas know no season, precisely because their comfort and practicality make them perfect and versatile, created to make us fall in love with a miniskirt or a pair of jeans to be trendy even when wearing the first thing that happens.

Sneakers trends 2023: the Adidas Samba, from the soccer field to the street

The Adidas Samba was born in 1949 to play football on icy surfaces: therefore the rubber sole was essential to ensure excellent grip on the ground. To characterize them the upper in leather with the three distinctive stripes and symbol of the brand, the suede tips that would have been added at a later time. Their nature is therefore purely sporting, because their second use would always have been on the soccer field but indoors.

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Pop culture in the 90s turns them into a must have for casual and sporty-chic clothing: it is above all the stars who choose them and suggest how to combine them, from Bob Marley to Freddy Mercury, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kate Moss, while they discuss also successful in the world of skaters. A change of style that still today has made the Adidas Samba the most loved sneakers by influencers devoted to the new street style that travels with the motto of comfy and casual, such as Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber.

Winter 2023 trends: how to combine Samba

One of the most loved looks that includes the Adidas Samba is the one that appears most frequently on Instagram if we do a search #adidassamba: denim together with long coats and plain white terry socks is one of the most loved key looks, perfect to choose in a quiet day of leisure or shopping. The style is decidedly sporty, foreseeing a sweatshirt, but it immediately wins a touch who with a peacoat and an elegant it-bag.

The trends of the moment, however, can only move towards cargo pants , oversized or tight-fitting, to be worn with a sweater or cardigan in winter. Dare to combine jackets: teddy, leather jackets, parkas, down jackets and to complete the look, a cap is that naive touch that will make the difference: caps, beanies or teddy fisherman hats.

What if we told you that these sneakers also look great with a long skirt ? Trying is believing: a combination that will surprise you with its extreme totally chic elegance, to the point of forgetting their sporting vocation. The grace and elegance of this model are in fact particularly enhanced combined with delicate and casual garments.

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