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Three ingredients for an incredible dessert: water-based coffee cream

Water coffee cream

Preparing the water-based coffee cream is child's play and you only need instant coffee, sugar and water. Here's how to do it in 5 minutes.

If you are among those who think it is impossible to prepare a dessert that is both good and refined in a short time, the recipe for water-based coffee cream will force you to think again. In fact, three ingredients are enough to prepare it, it does not require cooking , it is without cream, milk and eggs and for this reason it can be consumed by everyone.

Once made, it has the consistency of whipped cream but, if desired, a rest in the freezer will make it thicker. You will therefore have in one fell swoop a dessert to serve both at the end of the meal , perhaps when you have exaggerated with the previous courses, and as an afternoon snack . Water coffee creamer can also be added to coffee to make it tastier, instead of cream. Curious to find out how to transform three ingredients into a dessert in less than 5 minutes?

Water coffee cream
Water coffee cream

How to prepare the water coffee cream recipe

  1. First, combine the sugar , instant coffee and ice water in a bowl. We recommend placing the water in the freezer for about 30 minutes before using it.
  2. Mix for a minute with the electric whisk at low speed, then increase the intensity and whip until you obtain the desired consistency (similar to that of whipped cream).
  3. Distribute the water-based coffee cream into the glasses, decorate as desired with a few chocolate-covered coffee beans or bitter cocoa and serve.

The coffee cream should be served immediately or placed in the freezer. It can be consumed alone, with a spoon, or added to coffee. It is also possible to adjust the quantity of sugar and coffee according to your tastes: in our recipe the flavor of the coffee is strong and the quantity of sugar is moderate.

And here is a video recipe very similar to our preparation:

The variant with ice and espresso coffee (or mocha)

You can also prepare this very easy dessert using espresso coffee or moka coffee. In this case you have to prepare the coffee and then put it in the fridge until it is nice and cold, then proceed as per the original recipe, gradually adjusting with the water since there is already a liquid part.

Alternatively you can use ice : add sugar to taste and ice (in this case we recommend using a blender) and then blend until you obtain the desired consistency. If you see that it is not whipping, add ice water little by little.

Furthermore, if you liked this recipe, why not try the classic coffee cream too? We guarantee it is delicious!


As mentioned, coffee cream should be consumed as soon as it is made . Alternatively, place it in the freezer until ready to consume: it will not solidify.

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