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Three treatments to improve your psychophysical well-being

elettrobeauty massage bed

To have a qualitatively satisfactory life it is necessary to have a high psychophysical well-being, a state that involves all aspects of the human being, so that he can keep himself healthy both in the body and in the mind.

Laziness, apathy and recklessness are the first enemies that can affect this optimal condition, which can only be countered by adopting a proactive lifestyle .

A healthy body helps to increase self-esteem and improve the state of mind: the organism is not just a shell, but represents an evident sign of how the psyche of the person it belongs to is, making these two elements strongly interconnected. .

It is important, in order to live well, to include functional actions throughout the day to keep psychophysical well-being in balance, such as following a healthy diet, exercising, carving out time for one's passions, and why not being pampered from time to time. so much with personalized beauty treatments to give back to the body and mind a sense of beauty and peace, lying comfortably on a beautician's bed.

elettrobeauty massage bed

Face cleaning

One of the most classic treatments that can bring, especially if practiced frequently, benefits to the skin in terms of brightness and aesthetics, as well as health, is facial cleansing . Performed by a professional beautician, it is a process that is divided into various steps and takes into account the type of skin of each client when applying the products. In fact, not all products are interchangeable and are suitable for any skin: if the skin to be treated has excess sebum, sebum-regulating products will be needed, on the contrary it will be necessary to apply soothing products for delicate skin.

It goes without saying, therefore, that at first there must be an evaluation based on the characteristics of whoever is in front of you. After that, the skin will be exposed to steam to dilate the pores , so as to facilitate the expulsion of impurities through manual emptying and absorption of the products used in cleaning. Among these is the scrub , with which exfoliation is practiced, functional to remove dead cells and to give shine to the face. For the entire duration of the treatment, the customer will remain lying on the bed to enjoy all the operations in total tranquility and relaxation, in particular the application of the mask , the penultimate pleasant step capable of nourishing the face and giving it softness, to be left on for at least one fifteen minutes.

Finally, to conclude the treatment, the product will be removed with a soaked sponge, and the skin of the face massaged to restore tone.


There is no treatment that is more frequently traced back to the psychophysical well-being of massage , which is also practiced on the beds of the beauty centers . Thanks to massages, situations of stress, tension and even imperfections are relieved, especially when combined with specific products.
The existing types are really many, including pressotherapy , which involves the use of air pressure on the body, generated by a machine that alternates compression and decompression simulating a lymphatic drainage massage. A treatment, therefore, that promotes the drainage of toxins and liquids that stagnate in the various tissues, improving blood circulation.

In the aesthetic field, pressotherapy is used to reduce cellulite , a pathology that creates the so-called “orange peel” effect on the skin, caused by dehydration, incorrect nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

In a pressotherapy session the client is made to lie down on the massage table , after which the professional manipulates the parts of the body that will be subjected to treatment and places the pads connected to the device, setting the right parameters depending on what the goal is. of the session and the tolerance of the client. At the end of the treatment, the body should feel lighter.

Radio frequency

Instead, it uses radio frequency electromagnetic waves and ultrasounds, a non-invasive treatment to counteract the imperfections of time and the decrease in tissue elasticity .

A session performed on a professional beautician's bed lasts a maximum of one hour, even if the timing affects the area concerned and the aspects to be treated.
During the process, those undergoing treatment perceive a sensation of heat in correspondence with the treated area, because the handpiece heats up and stimulates the generation of new collagen, which replaces the damaged and old one. In this way the tissues will regain elasticity and tone .

The effect obtained will be very similar to anti-aging, although to have appreciable results over time it will be necessary to program a good number of cycles and sessions. Generally the result of the treatments remains visible from 6 to 12 months , a period after which some maintenance steps will be necessary, always keeping in mind the specificities of the individual.

As with any aesthetic treatment, it is not enough to go frequently to a specialized center to get results, but it is also necessary to commit every day to change the lifestyle that inevitably affects psychophysical well-being more than any other aspect.

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