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Timberland mania: how to combine the most versatile prêt-a-porter boots of the winter season

timberland shoes

Among the most desired footwear of the 2000s revival, there is no shortage of Timberlands, a perfect combination of comfort, sport and practicality

Summer or winter, in a suitcase or to wear on the day of departure, Timberlands have always represented a guarantee: a model that combines comfort, practicality and dynamic style. In this winter 2023, this model increasingly loved by streetwear fashion has now gone far beyond the label of shoes to wear on hiking days, with the 2000 trend going crazy. among the most desired and worn footwear. And not just in the more classic colors and patterns.

Timberland+jeans: iconic and vintage combination

Original Yellow Boots for insiders, Timberland for most: these shoes have always gone hand in hand with jeans , from light to dark washes, replicating what was one of the favorite combinations of the "paninari" in the 80s. In the 90s the luck of this boot faded to return more flourishing than ever in the 2000s, when stars like J.Lo and Rihanna made it a streetwear model with a vintage flavor.

Imposing, massive, with showy colors – even the basic ones are made with details and finishes that don't let them go unnoticed -, whether you choose a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of flared denim, the Timberlands are the focus of the outfit. In winter they are perfect with a long or short down jacket , with a bomber or an oversized tweed jacket for the nostalgic of vintage or with a peacoat to ride the wave of a more elegant city streetwear.

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Miniskirts, dresses + Timberland, also colored or with heels

From classic to pop: the new trends approve a revised and corrected version of the Timberland, which renounces a bit of its sophisticated and refined aplomb , starting from the platform sole version which combines them with a more casual line with an eccentric, expressed by new nuances such as pink or green .

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If the glam turning point has gone further with the models with high and slender heels or with those with a plush interior and an exterior entirely in leather , the Timberlands express their elegant attitude even if combined with a pinafore, a miniskirt or a minidress in winter, giving the outfit a glam, decisive and rock personality: a perfect combination for those who want a feminine but dynamic and unconventional look.

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Also have fun enhancing it with a pair of glitter tights, with long socks that can be pulled out of the shoe or Parisian socks for an even more feminine, nostalgic look if you also add a pair of muscle warmers in the same nuance but in contrast.

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