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To buy but also to sell, here are the best online shopping apps

Fashion shopping app

Promo and exclusive items, buy or sell: there is more than one reason to download the trendiest fashion apps on your smartphone, even from fashion retail

The return to normality has certainly also seen a certain pleasure in returning to go around the shops, browse through the garments, try them on and see live how a dress fits rather than adjusting and often trying to find the most suitable model for us. But buying online is now an essential habit, because in the end it is enough to download an app on your smartphone and in a short time to make a purchase, which is always easier to make. And there are many reasons why it is also worth having the fashion retail apps, which make the experience more and more exclusive and personal.

The best fashion shopping apps: Zalando, Zara, Asos, Shein, Tezenis

What makes a fashion app more intriguing than others? Surely how much more engaging it is, dispenser of convenient promos in the course of each month and perhaps even of exclusive garments: this is the line adopted by the apps of the Inditex group such as Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull and Bear . Of course we could buy online on the site, but the apps often also access events and discounts reserved only for those who are registered and own the app on their smartphone.

– Initiatives that contribute to making customers feel special and exclusive, so that they can also be updated in real time on the return of a product, as happens on Zalando and Asos : in fact, by inserting your favorite products in the wishlist or in the cart you can be updated on the price changes or availability.

– The most interactive of all, however, at the moment is undoubtedly that of Tezenis , which allows you to accumulate points through games, purchases and check-in in the store : after having accrued a certain number of points you can get special discounts to be used in the store or online.

– In recent years, the Shein app has also definitely improved: the display of the categories is in fact much more intuitive, divided by type of garments but also by trend , integrated with special sections of outlets, flash sales and clearance sales.

App to sell: Vinted, Vestiarie Collective, how they work

Not only buying, but also selling: with the culture of recycling and sustainability experienced with increasing attention in the fashion world, there are many people who, for decluttering or trend reasons, decide to sell garments that are worn but no longer wear.

Vinted was undoubtedly the app that intuitively and effectively facilitated the birth of the phenomenon, so much so that the book Vinted was recently born: my secrets to monetize and make safe purchases written by the influencer Alessia Foglia, just to understand how to best sell on this platform. Surely taking care to enter all the necessary details regarding our garment and take good photos, are two fundamental factors to increase sales by transmitting safety to users.

– For those who are oriented towards the purchase and sale of luxury garments and accessories , the right fashion app is called Vestiaire Collective , particularly loved by those looking for retro outfits: there are in fact three hundred thousand pre-owned luxury pieces , four thousand brands available and really low cost prices. In addition, each item is carefully evaluated and analyzed by experts, to guarantee its authenticity.

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