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Too tight jeans? Here are some tricks to enlarge them

Jeans with buttons

Jeans are confirmed as one of the must-haves of every season. What if they are too tight? Here are some tricks to make your jeans wider.

How many times have you found yourself with a few extra pounds that you are no longer able to wear particularly tight jeans? Or simply that we fell in love with a pair of jeans that weren't our size and we decided to get them one size smaller anyway. However, there are some tricks to widen the jeans!

There are some solutions, apparently extravagant but effective, that can help us to enlarge some tight jeans that have just been bought or dated, and not force us to just look and admire them in our closet. Here are some tips to write down to run for cover, widen the jeans and wear them at the next exit.

Jeans with colored applications
Jeans with colored applications

How to stretch tight jeans without sewing

The first thought is that of having to think about enlarging the jeans perhaps using needle and thread , a possible operation but which could take too long. The quick and easy solution, on the other hand, is to tighten the fabric.

Once washed, let them dry but making sure they are still damp: at that point you can wear them and stretch them by doing squats for about a minute. A method that allows you to do some physical activity. This way you can widen the jeans at the waist.


The method may work with dry jeans as well, but only in the case of slightly tight jeans.

Stretch jeans by one size: iron and more

Perhaps the most well-known method is to use the iron: always wet, you can spread the jeans on the board and pass the hot iron on the particularly narrow areas that hold you.

Jeans and iron
Jeans and iron

While to require more strength instead is to spread the jeans with your hands: putting them on the floor, wet them with hot water with a spray. Finally get on it, and applying pressure grab one leg of the trousers and then the other, pulling them.

The hardest part will be to extend your life, because the strength to be used is considerable and getting help from someone can be an effective solution.

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