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Trippa alla veneta: a triumph of poor cooking

Venetian tripe

Cooking stewed Venetian tripe is quite simple. A few genuine ingredients are enough to get the maximum flavour.

For a long time , tripe was a dish eaten by the less well-off. Considering the slaughter waste, they had to be cooked with a certain mastery to become tender and tasty and the Venetians have succeeded very well in this. Venetian tripe is a typical dish that is still highly appreciated due to its strong flavor and the delicious sauce that accompanies it.

However, not everyone knows that Venetian trippe (the plural is used because tripe means several bovine stomachs and not just one) did not include the use of tomatoes. Added later, it helped give the dish its current look. The best way to accompany Venetian stewed tripe is with slices of homemade bread or polenta . Curious to discover all the tricks to prepare this typical Venetian dish?

Venetian tripe
Venetian tripe

How to prepare the Venetian tripe recipe

  1. To prepare the tripe alla veneta, start by washing the tripe (we advise you to buy it already boiled and cleaned to speed up the preparation) and put it to drain in a colander.
  2. In the meantime , finely chop the carrot and onion and brown them in a pan with the oil and aromatic herbs .
  3. Then add the tripe and brown for a few minutes.
  4. Lastly, add the tomato sauce , concentrate , water and a generous pinch of salt .
  5. Cover and leave to cook for an hour .
  6. Once the Venetian tripe is ready, we recommend serving it with slices of bread . They will be used to make the slipper with gravy!

Some versions include the addition of a sprinkling of Parmesan to complete the dish. It will look more like tripe alla parmigiana , but it doesn't matter: the flavor is amazing!


Keep the tripe prepared according to this recipe in the fridge, in a resealable container, for about three days . Alternatively, you can freeze it.

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