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Tuna meatloaf: the delicious, inviting and very simple recipe

Tunafish balls

Canned tuna meatloaf is a delicious and inviting dish, easy to make and excellent for any occasion. Let's see how to make it (even with the Thermomix)!

Tuna meatloaf is a decidedly tasty dish, with a particular flavor and at the same time not too elaborate or complex. Precisely for this reason it is a dish that is appreciated by everyone, young and old. There are many variations of this recipe: today we are going to make the classic baked tuna meatloaf (also with the Thermomix) and then we will see a variation with the addition of potatoes .

You will see, this dish, in all its variations, will win you over from the first taste : here is the recipe for baked tuna meatloaf!

Tunafish balls
Tunafish balls

How to make tuna meatloaf without potatoes

  1. Take the cans of tuna in olive oil, drain them from their preserving liquid, then place them in a bowl. Add the grated cheese, breadcrumbs, eggs and chopped parsley, finally season with salt and pepper.
  2. Cut the Taggiasca olives into small pieces and incorporate them into the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything by mashing the mixture with a fork or a potato masher, so that all the components are well blended together. If it is too liquid, add more breadcrumbs.
  3. At this point, give the dough the classic meatloaf shape and cook it in a plum cake mold or in a baking tray lined with baking paper at a temperature of 200°C for about 40 minutes. It will be ready when an inviting crust has formed on the surface.
  4. Enjoy the tuna meatloaf cold, leaving it to rest after cooking for at least a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal!

Tuna meatloaf with potatoes

If you prefer the flan effect, you can prepare this recipe with potatoes, which will also be perfect for combining all the ingredients and blending the flavors . If you add a couple you will simply give a light hint and create a nice uniform mixture, while with higher doses the final taste will be more delicate.

We recommend using 800 g of potatoes and 500 g of tuna.

  1. In this case, you will first have to boil the potatoes and then add them to the mixture .
  2. Once boiled, mash the potatoes while they are still hot and with their peel, which will remain inside the potato masher !
  3. Combine all the ingredients and conclude by cooking at 200°C for approximately 40 minutes .

Preparation of tuna meatloaf with Thermomix

With the legendary Thermomix, it's even easier. Let's see how to prepare this dish very quickly !

  1. Place the drained tuna , eggs, cheese, herbs (salt, pepper and chopped parsley), chopped olives and breadcrumbs in the bowl.
  2. Run for one minute at speed 7 .
  3. The mixture must be quite firm: give it the classic shape and always bake at 200°C for about 40 minutes.

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Tuna meatloaf can generally be stored in the refrigerator for about 4-5 days in a container with an airtight lid. We do not recommend storing in the freezer.

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