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Types of perm: how many there are and what effect they give to the hair

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How many types of permanents are there? Let's find out all of them and see if there is also an equally valid but milder treatment.

Very popular years ago, the perm is slowly making a comeback. It is a technique that can only be done in specialized salons, which use harmless products. Let's see how many types of perm there are and if there's an equally valid but milder alternative.

Types of permanent: how many are there?

The perm is a chemical treatment that allows those who have straight hair to see it become curly and vice versa. Generally, depending on the technique and products used, the effect lasts from three to six months, then the hair slowly returns to its natural shape. Without a shadow of a doubt, the perm allows you to have a different hair look for a long time, but we reiterate that it is a chemical treatment which, if done by inexperienced hands and with unsuitable products, could damage the hair. Having made this brief but necessary premise, let's see the types of curly and smooth perms .

The curly perm on straight hair allows you to obtain wavy hair, with well-defined waves. Obviously, when you proceed with styling, the hair needs to be slightly helped, with a suitable foam or cream. The advice of the experts is to always use specific products and a hair dryer with a diffuser. A recommendation is obligatory: you really have to be sure of doing this treatment because, even if you don't like the effect, you won't be able to go back for a few months.

Do you want to have a smooth perm on long hair? Well, even in this case you will get the desired effect, but the caveat is always the same: there is no turning back, at least not in the short term. Therefore, before deciding to do this treatment, which we reiterate is chemical, think carefully. In addition to these types, it is also possible to choose the so-called digital perm !

Bland hair perm: does it really exist?

Some people decide to go for a wavy perm when they have loose or slightly wavy curls. A treatment that both men and women choose and which has an advantage: there won't be a surprise effect, given that the hair is already tending to spiral . The same goes for those who have an imperfect smoothie and dream of spaghetti.

Considering that the perm has a lasting effect, the question arises: is there a mild but equally valid treatment? Yes, but it is always a chemical technique. The hair is wrapped in a series of rollers of different sizes based on the curl to be obtained and non-aggressive chemical products are added. Obviously, the effect lasts less than the classic treatment.

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