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Types of skins, what they are and how to act to take care of them.

woman skin

The types of skins that exist are different. Here’s what they are and how to act to take care of them correctly.

When we talk about types of skin we mean the set of characteristics that make up the epidermis and which, depending on the type, lead to different needs to take care of it. Among the various types of skin there are in fact normal, oily (which can also be impure) and dry. Characteristics that are often endogenous and must therefore be taken into consideration to best protect all skin types starting from their basic needs.

How to recognize skin types

The first thing to do about facial skin types is to learn to recognize everything about the skin you have and which category it corresponds to. To do this, more often than not, a careful observation in the mirror is enough.

woman skin
woman skin

In general, the so-called normal skin is that which appears healthy, smooth, smooth and with a good color.
The pores are fine and the structure is compact. Furthermore, there are no imperfections of any kind.
Despite the favorable starting point, it is still necessary to take care of it, taking care of hygiene, hydrating it and using light exfoliating masks.

Oily skin almost always appears shiny. The pores are dilated and sometimes there may be the presence of blackheads or pimples . In the latter case, the skin will also be impure. This will therefore be treated with greater attention, trying to rebalance it as much as possible.

Dry skin, on the other hand, always appears tense and tight, lacking the right hydration and often with a dull complexion and some subtle marks. To take care of it, it is necessary to protect it from atmospheric agents, keep it hydrated as much as possible and not expose it to large changes in temperatures.

Knowing how to recognize and treat different skin types is essential to take care of them correctly and to improve their structure, making them appear completely healthy and free of problems.

Other types of leather to know

Although less frequent, there are at least two other skin types that should be taken into consideration.
The first is the mixed one which therefore presents characteristics of dry skin in some areas of the face and others with oily skin in others. To treat it, it is therefore important to act in areas, trying to make it as uniform as possible.

Then there are sensitive skins that need delicate products. They are often present in people who are allergic or who have particularly damaged skin. Generally the problem is recognized by the redness and other manifestations that occur after the use of hygiene products or make-up.

Finally, a separate topic is aging skin. This, regardless of the initial type (the type of skin, although it can rarely change over the years due to various factors) appears thinner, wrinkled, stained and with various sagging. Also in this case there are products to massage on the most critical areas and to always use according to the type of skin you have at the start.

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