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Ugg Guard Boots, the waterproof sole that allows us to wear all but all the shoes we want!

Mini Uggs

Take the practicality of Uggs and make them a sole that can customize not only the iconic ankle boots but any footwear

Having long since outgrown the reputation of "being ugly" in the name of comfyness – on the other hand they are worn with the same practicality as a pair of flip flops – and of the winter-proof warm effect, the Uggs have decided to conquer the world also for this cold season 2022-2023. To the classic super soft model, add this very special galosh to be worn with a hundred and more shoes in the Christmas gift list or in the shopping list of winter must-haves.

Ugg Guard Boot: what the brand's latest invention is for

If you are thinking that it is the new model recently launched by the iconic brand, it is not exactly so or almost so: the accessory that takes the name of Ugg Guard Boots has the shape of the shoe that we know well but was born to be added and not only at Uggs. A save -look remedy for the rain that will allow us not only to wear Uggs but also all those shoes that we are forced to give up when there is a risk of rain outside.

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Call them galotte , insoles, the Ugg Guard Boots are born to make us go through the day: easy to wear like all Ugg models, they are exactly the reproduction of the lower part of the iconic shoe but with an internal opening in which we can put a pair of Uggs but also any ankle boot or amphibian with a circular shape and even better the sneakers! In fact, beyond their utility nature, Ugg Guard Boots are also popular because they can create a two-tone effect and thus transform themselves into a pair of accessories to embellish sneakers.

The colors available and how much they cost

On the Ugg profile these insoles have already become protagonists, so much so that the brand shows in a post how to create a custom colour, plain or tie dye with a bath of colour. There are also models in other colors: yellow, beige, black and blue, shades that clearly want to get noticed and embellish any shoe with originality and a certain hipster appeal.

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The price? If we think about their usefulness, how many shoes they allow us to use and which we would never wear in the rain, we can safely say that this 40 euro insole is a serious investment to evaluate for this winter. Available on Zalando and on the brand's official website, they are undoubtedly the trendiest and most unexpected accessory for this season. Perfect with ultra sporty, comfy chic clothing and mix and match streetwear.

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