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Ultrasound Therapy: The Benefits of Sound Waves

ultrasound therapy

It uses high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to the human ear (over 20,000 Hertz), which, penetrating the tissues, produce a micro-massage with an analgesic, anti-swelling and relaxing effect.

Indicated to reduce localized pain with a few sessions (lasting 10-15 minutes each), ultrasound therapy – as the name suggests – in fact uses ultrasounds , produced by the head of a device using the piezoelectric effect . Which consists of a series of compressions and expansions of the quartz, generated by the subjection of the crystal to an alternating electric field.

Ultrasound therapy is based on the therapeutic action of the constant vibrations exerted by ultrasound on the tissues of the human body: the latter in turn enter into vibration , with consequent dispersion of energy and production of heat, and with the combined mechanism that is created they are facilitate cellular and intracellular exchanges.

Widely used in physiotherapy, the treatment in question proves to be of great use in orthopedic and muscular pathologies . Let's see which ones as we continue reading.

ultrasound therapy

Fields of application and benefits

The apparatus used for the administration of ultrasounds consists of an alternating current generator which feeds a head containing the piezoelectric crystal which produces the vibrations. The energy thus produced – with the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy – is transmitted to the biological tissues by virtue of a special conductive gel for ultrasound.

But what are the disorders that see ultrasound therapy most appropriate? And what are the benefits it allows you to obtain?

Neither painful nor invasive, and usable even in the sports field , it is suitable in the presence of certain pathologies , among which we mention injuries and muscle contractures, sciatica and neuritis, ulcers and periarticular calcifications.

This large intervention space is made possible in the light of the numerous positive effects attributable to ultrasound therapy, which counteracts pain and swelling , reabsorbs hematomas and promotes tissue recovery , also performing the function of muscle decontracting .

Different fields of application, therefore, for this valid therapy which manifests all its usefulness in those areas of the body that are most prone to receiving stresses: the shoulders and neck for example, exposed daily to strains for those who work at the computer – with consequent stiffening due to incorrect posture – or the knee , often subject to tendinitis or inflammation.

Professional and home ultrasound therapy

There are two ways in which ultrasound therapy can take place. The most practiced one, in direct contact , sees the head of the device applied to the area of ​​the body to be treated, exerting a slow rotary movement on the area itself and interposing some conductive gel. It is a treatment that can also be practiced at home , in complete tranquility, by following simple instructions and steps, but after discussion with your trusted doctor .

The other modality – the so-called immersion therapy – contemplates the use of a basin full of water, in which to immerse the area on which to intervene together with the head of the device that emits the ultrasounds. And it can only be done with professional devices and therefore by a professional .

Of great effectiveness in more than one circumstance , the therapy in question sees among its main benefits – as previously anticipated – the reduction of pain and inflammation, the relaxation of contracted muscles, the recovery of motor function.

But is it accessible to everyone? No , because although it is safe and does not cause side effects, ultrasound therapy is contraindicated in specific situations , such as phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, osteoporosis and neoplasms, varicose veins and acute infections. It is also not to be used – to give some other examples – in case of pregnancy, tuberculosis or metal synthesis means and joint prostheses.

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