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Unusual and light, we try the tofu carpaccio

Tofu carpaccio

Just a few ingredients are enough to prepare an excellent tofu carpaccio, tasty and light perfect for a vegetable diet.

Veg recipes do not necessarily have to be less tasty and satisfying than the more traditional counterparts and the tofu carpaccio is proof of this. This appetizer is prepared with a handful of ingredients and using the so-called soy cheese appropriately flavored to create one of the most delicious appetizers appreciated by vegans .

To prepare this recipe, however, you have to pay attention to some aspects. The first concerns the tofu: choose one of excellent quality because we can guarantee you that the difference between the brands can be felt. Secondly, let it marinate well because only in this way will it absorb a little flavor, creating a dish worthy of being called such. But let’s see all the steps together.

Tofu carpaccio
Tofu carpaccio

How to prepare the tofu carpaccio recipe

  1. First, drain the tofu from its storage liquid. Then dab it with kitchen paper pressing well with your hands. The more liquid it loses, the more aromas it absorbs. Then cut it into slices 2-3 mm thick and pat them again with dry kitchen paper.
  2. Place them in an airtight container and season with oil, salt and lemon juice . To taste, perfume with fresh or dried aromatic herbs: for example we have chosen oregano.
  3. Close with the lid and leave to marinate in the refrigerator overnight or at least 2-3 hours.
  4. Serve the marinated tofu by draining it well from the liquid and accompanying it with steamed beetroot slices or, why not, with tomato.
  5. Season everything with a drizzle of raw oil and a grind of black pepper .

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You can let the tofu marinate for a whole day before serving. The flavor can only help.

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