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Vademecum of sandals: which ones, when and how to wear them

black wedge sandals dress

Not everyone knows that even sandals should be worn with some bon ton rules. We reveal which ones!

Summer almost always rhymes with sandals, because in addition to capturing us with their varied models and heights, they are certainly a pleasant and fashionable remedy to the heat. However, there are some rules to consider in order to be able to wear this seductive and summery model with ease , which consider the height of the wearer, the context, the model and the style chosen depending on the look we will wear.

High sandals, with heels and platforms: the models to wear according to height

For example, it is natural to think that a petite girl with a height of around sixty meters can freely wear any tall model, but in reality this is not really the case. A sandal that is too high, especially even with a plateau, risks highlighting a shorter leg and therefore distracting from that slender effect that a petit seeks, so it is better to stop around 10 cm .

However, if you are looking for a comfortable and relaxed walk because the heel does not make you feel completely comfortable, a 5-8 cm will be fine. And the petit girls, to further slender their figure rather than focus on dizzying shoes, can choose outfits without color detachment on the leg: in winter so if you wear sandals with socks choose the same color as the shoe and in summer the nude colors can be of great help.

A certain parsimony in choosing the height of the heel is also recommended for the tallest , who can certainly dare with some heels over 10 cm but the context is fundamental: at a ceremony or an elegant event it is better not to dare too much.

Wedges, jeweled shoes and easy chic: what are the models to wear during the day and in the evening

The real secret to understanding which are the best sandals to never make mistakes when creating our outfit is always taking into account the context. Wedges , for example, are the most versatile sandals, as well as comfortable to combine: they are perfect during the day, but definitely not very elegant for the evening . It is therefore preferable to look for comfort on a low sandal perhaps with a particular heel, bell or triangle, original and practical at the same time.

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Jewel sandals deserve a special mention, certainly the most loved for their elegance and their sparkle: some rhinestones, a precious stone or a minimal jewel on the flip flops does not preclude being able to wear them during the day, but if we talk about particularly bright shoes with entire bands studded with rhinestones, are absolutely to be reserved for the evening, so as to never be out of context. During the day it is better to focus on simple sandals, with stripes and straps, for example if you are looking for detail, so as to never be out of context.

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