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Valentine’s Day in beauty: beauty gift ideas (for those you love and for yourself)

Makeup palette

On Valentine's Day we pamper those we love but also ourselves: here are the skin care, make-up and beauty accessories sets to fall in love with

Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers and love, an appointment that is no longer intended only for couples but a special day to spend with those we love, whether it is also a best friend, mother or aunt. And if it's true that the most precious gift we can give our time, next to some chocolates it's nice to surprise those we love with an unexpected little gift. We know that jewels are always the first things we think about, but let's not underestimate beauty gifts either, which hide a beautiful message: take care of yourself! From a skin care set to a themed cosmetic bag, without forgetting original beauty accessories, here are some ideas to surprise.

Valentine's Day 2023, make up: Love Kit Nabla, Kit Rare Beauty and Gloss Balm by Mac

Any make-up product is a joy to wear, but since Valentine's Day is the day of love, it will be even more beautiful to take care to choose a product designed specifically for whoever will wear it. For the friend or aunt who goes crazy for lipsticks, collecting many colors to always distort her look, the Love Kit by Nabla is the perfect set: the Viper Lip Plumper, a volumizing gloss that acts as a primer, hydrates the lips and Matte Pleasure Lipstick in classic intense matte crimson red ignites them! The cost of the box set is 30 euros.

– You know the friend who always goes out with the maxi bag, is always on the road and always loves to have flawless make-up? There is no sweeter and more welcome gift for her than Sincerely Me Mini Essentials by Rare Beauty , with an eyeshadow palette with intense and seductive nuances and a mini mascara. A gift that enhances the look and that… you'll end up giving yourself too, because it's so practical that it's convenient for everyone! The price is 30 euros.

– Just say Mac and all of our eyes light up! With Mac Cosmetics , the great impression and happiness of whoever receives the gift is guaranteed! Also perfect for you if you want to update your lip gloss collection, Mac Cosmetics offers the Glow Play Lip Balsam for Valentine's Day, which not only colors our lips with a kiss but hydrates them at the same time! And we can also say goodbye to cocoa butter. The cost is around 26 euros.

Skin care and beauty accessories: Be Mine beauty box by Look Fantastic, the Roller beauty by Revolution

Having a good skincare routine is essential, both to take care of your skin and to create an always perfect make-up. Not everyone knows this good habit or underestimates it, which is why Look Fantastic 's Beauty Box Be Mine is a box full of products for body and face. A gift idea for you too, if you want to test new products that are perfect for creating a mini spa at home, at a price of around 49 euros.

– Not everyone knows them, but if you're looking for a truly original gift, then Revolution Skincare Beauty Rollers are what you were looking for! It is a quartz roller for skin care which, used during the beauty routine, helps stimulate blood circulation and promote the effectiveness of the products, ensuring glowing skin. The cost is 16 euros but you can also find it online with small discounts.

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