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Valentine’s Day Syndrome: What it is and how to avoid it

depressed girl

Valentine's Day Syndrome is a more common problem than you think. Let's find out what it is and how to act to counter it.

As Valentine's Day approaches, many people begin to feel increasingly dark, feeling anxious or overwhelmed ahead of the holiday.
This is a problem that mainly affects people aged between 30 and 60 but which can also involve adolescents . A bit like the Christimas blues , in fact, those who suffer from it tend to feel almost out of place if single (and sometimes even if in a couple). A problem that fortunately does not last long but that it can be useful to know better in order to be able to counter it in time.

Why does Valentine's Syndrome come

As it is easy to understand, the Valentine's Day syndrome is a passing problem (albeit annually) concerning the day of lovers.
To suffer, therefore, are mostly singles or those people who, despite being in a couple, still feel a sense of emptiness as the day of celebration approaches.

depressed girl
depressed girl

This increasingly widespread problem is linked to the feeling of having to live the whole day of February 14th in a romantic , special and happy way. A pressure that for many people (especially if unaccompanied) proves to be so strong as to generate anxiety or to lead to feeling depressed.

Added to this are other factors such as the fear of never finding a partner, of being alone or of discovering that despite being in a couple you don't feel as satisfied as you would like. In short, it is a day to which so many expectations are linked that it unleashes a profound sense of inadequacy.

On the contrary, it may happen that, just in view of Valentine's Day, we remember the absence of a person by our side and the relative fear of committing ourselves. A problem that is often set aside in the face of everyday life but which in this particular period can re-emerge forcefully. In all cases, as already mentioned, it is a passing problem but one that it is right to understand how to deal with in order to better enjoy this day and the entire period that precedes it. In fact, there are more and more people who start to feel sick even several days before.

How to deal with Valentine's Syndrome if you are single

The first thing to do when you realize you have a problem of this type is not to ignore it. In fact, pretending nothing happened is more counterproductive. Instead, the suggestion is to address the problem in order to understand what is exactly behind it. Sometimes even consulting with a psychotherapist can help to grasp some ideas that you can then work on over time.

Going instead to the day itself, a good way to live it to the fullest is to not feel alone just because you are single . To do this, you can organize yourself by filling your days with beautiful things to do. An outing with friends, a dinner out with someone you love (love isn't just for couples) or a couple of days to dedicate to yourself are always great ways to change the mood.

Tips for couples suffering from Valentine's Syndrome

If you are in a couple you can try to live the day without too much anxiety, just trying to spend quality time together and without pressure. It is obvious that we have been together for a long time, perhaps there will no longer be the same gestures and ways of dealing with the day of lovers of the past. And this can be addressed both by finding alternatives and by talking about them with the partner and expressing one's needs. In some cases it may happen that the period serves to shed greater clarity on a story that perhaps is no longer going on the right track. Even in this case, however, it is good to act calmly, to let the day and the dark period go by and to think coldly about one's feelings and the relationship.

By acting in this way, the Valentine's Day syndrome will be just a distant memory. And most importantly, it will help you understand yourself better and understand what you really want. All this while remembering that no one has established that the day should be lived in a precise way dedicated to love. And that it is right that everyone (while respecting the other if you are a couple) live it according to their own inclinations.

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