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Veal strips with artichokes are quick and easy

strips with artichokes

Today we show you how to prepare a quick and easy recipe, veal strips with artichokes. Here are all the steps.

We really like the idea of ​​bringing to the table, and then preparing, in a single second and side dish and that is why today we offer you the strips with artichokes. We have prepared them with veal but you can also use adult beef or chicken .

The process is very simple and does not require who knows what skills. Get the right cut of meat for this dish – the veal slices you use for steaks – and the bulk of the work is done. As for the artichokes instead, we know that many people don't like their cleaning, so know that you can also use frozen ones.

strips with artichokes
strips with artichokes

How to prepare the recipe for strips with artichokes

  1. First clean the artichokes unless you decide to use the frozen ones. Then slice them rather thinly, so as to uniform the cooking times, and place them in a bowl filled with water and lemon.
  2. Cut the slices of meat into 2 cm wide strips.
  3. In a pan heat the oil with the garlic clove and brown the meat. Then add the artichokes, blend with the white wine and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes , until tender. If needed, you can add a few tablespoons of water.
  4. Almost at the end of cooking, season with salt and pepper and flavor with freshly chopped parsley.

To obtain a creamier consistency, you can pass the strips of meat in flour before browning them in a pan. In this case, adding a little water or broth will prove necessary to cook everything and form the sauce.

If you are looking for something more rustic, try the stew with artichokes .


Better to consume this quick and easy second course at the moment because the meat could dry out in the refrigerator.

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