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Vegan buckwheat cake: a delicious, light and stuffed recipe

Vegan buckwheat cake

The vegan buckwheat cake with jam filling will make you look great on any occasion.

The recipe for the cake vegan buckwheat is widely used, not only among those who are intolerant or vegan, but also by those who prefer a type of power that is tasty and above all know n a.

This exquisite dessert originates in South Tyrol and is the vegan and gluten free variant of the classic South Tyrolean Buchweizeintorte . The basis of this cake is buckwheat, along with almonds or hazelnuts, with the addition of cinnamon. A preparation that will captivate you.

Vegan buckwheat cake
Vegan buckwheat cake

Preparation of vegan buckwheat cake

  1. The first step is to put the flour and water in a bowl and mix everything with a whisk or spoon.
  2. Then add the sugar, cinnamon and seed oil, in fact the buckwheat cake is gluten-free and without butter.
  3. Mix everything until you get a fairly smooth and homogeneous mixture.
  4. Preheat the oven to 170 ° C (or 190 ° C if it is a static oven).
  5. The last step to prepare the vegan and gluten free buckwheat cake, involves adding the well sieved and incorporated yeast and when a smooth mixture is obtained, transfer everything to the oiled pan, about 24 cm in diameter. , and bake for about 40 minutes .
  6. Once cooked, let it cool, cut it in half almost like a sponge cake and fill it with your favorite jam.

This cake is not only good, but it lends itself well to numerous variations , depending on tastes and seasonality. In fact, currant jam, blueberry or raspberry jam is commonly added.

This dessert can be included among all vegan recipes for easy, quick and light desserts and success is certainly guaranteed.


You can keep the cake for at least 2 days on a plate covered with a clean cloth or under the classic glass bell jar for sweets.

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