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Vegemite, what it is and how it tastes: all about the Australian cream

toasted bread and jam

A cream that drives Australians crazy, vegemite has a flavor that Italians don't agree with: some love it, others hate it.

Vegemite, like marmite , is a spreadable cream born in Australia and much loved by the local population. In Italy, on the other hand, she does not find unanimous enthusiasm: some love her, while others hate her. Let's see, specifically, what it contains and what it tastes like.

Vegemite: what is it and how does it taste?

Vegemite is a brewer's yeast extract that is combined with various vegetable spices and processed into a savory spreadable cream. In Australia it is considered a kind of typical product, which the population cannot give up. Generally, it is eaten for breakfast, spread on toasted bread with cheese. In appearance, it has the same consistency and the same color as our jam, but the taste is completely different. It is salty and has a taste that can be compared to soybeans. Where to buy it in Italy? It is difficult to find in stores, but you can easily buy it on Amazon.

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Vegemite was invented in 1923 by Dr. Cyril P. Callister of Melbourne who mixed yeast extract with celery, onion, salt and other secret ingredients. Vegemite from the Kraft company contains: yeast extracts (from yeast grown on barley and wheat), mineral salt (508), malt extract (from barley), color (E150c), flavourings, spice extracts (celery), niacin , thiamine, ribflavin and folic acid. As far as nutritional values ​​are concerned, 100 grams of product provide 174 Kcal, of which: 0.9 g of fat, 0.1 g of saturated fat, 11.1 g of carbohydrates, 2.4 g of sugars, 8.4 g of fibre, 25.9 g of protein and 8.4 grams of salt.

Vegemite and marmite: similarities and differences

Vegemite and marmite are similar, but not the same. First of all, the first is Australian and was born in 1923, while the second is English and was born in 1902. Furthermore, they have vegetable ingredients of different nature. Not surprisingly, marmite has a spicier and more decisive flavor than vegemite. In any case, both are used as spreadable creams to flavor toast, hamburgers, pizzas, soups and so on and so forth.

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