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Venere rice with courgettes and peas, an elegant buffet idea

black rice with courgettes and peas

Venere rice with zucchini and peas is a quick first course to prepare and perfect to serve with elegance during a dinner with friends.

The vegan black rice with zucchini and peas recipe is perfect as a single dish for a light meal but will also be appreciated if served at a buffet with friends. Different from the usual rice salad, this dish presents itself as an original idea in the eyes of your guests thanks to a surprising combination of flavors and colors. The green of the condiments will stand out in the midst of the black of the Venere rice, accompanying it with the delicate and natural flavor typical of these seasonal products.

Its preparation is very simple, it requires only a slightly longer cooking time than that of other types of wheat. You can enrich the recipe with additional vegetables and ingredients that will give even more liveliness to the dish. So tasty it can even be served cold ! Prepare it in large quantities to be able to savor it more than once.

Follow our recipe to find out how to prepare black rice in an elegant way!

black rice with courgettes and peas
black rice with courgettes and peas

Preparation of the Venus rice recipe with zucchini and peas

  1. Pour the black rice into a saucepan and cover it with double the volume of water . Add salt and bring to a boil.
  2. When the water starts to boil, cover with a lid, lower the heat and let it cook for 40 minutes until the water is completely absorbed.
  3. Let the rice rest in the pot with the lid closed for 10 minutes.
  4. Wash the courgette, remove the ends and cut into cubes.
  5. Pour a drizzle of oil into the pan and let it heat with the garlic and the lightly chopped mint.
  6. When the garlic is golden, remove it and pour the courgettes, peas and pepper into the pan and cook for about 10 minutes .
  7. Shell the black rice with a ladle and add it to 2/3 of the vegetables in the pan, skipping everything for 2 minutes . The remaining third of the vegetables will be used for the final garnish.
  8. Place a pastry ring on a plate and pour the seasoned black rice to form a perfect circle. Garnish the surface with the vegetables set aside.
  9. Bring to the table and enjoy!

Try this recipe by enriching (or replacing) the vegetables with asparagus, tomatoes, black olives and with your favorite aromatic herbs.

Variants and recommendations for Venus rice salad

To give the dish even more color – but above all flavor – try the Venere rice salad with courgettes, peas and peppers! Add the diced peppers to the preparation of the vegetables in the pan and mix them well with the Venere rice before serving.

Also try the Venere rice with zucchini, agretti and peas: Clean this thin vegetable and cut it into 3 cm strips . Add it to the ingredients in the pan and cook everything, then mix it with the rice. The bitter taste of agretti will be perfect in this recipe.


Keep the Venere rice with zucchini and peas in the fridge for a maximum of 2-3 days . Enjoy it at room temperature or heat it in the microwave or in a pan with a drop of water.

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