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Very peri makeup: how to use the trend of the moment

very peppery makeup

The very pepri makeup is the fashion of the moment and consists of a very particular color that apparently will also be the one that will reign throughout 2022.

Those who love make-up will surely have heard of very peri make-up. A whole new trend that seems to be the hottest one for this 2022. It is a very particular periwinkle color that has already been noticed on the red carpets and that in a short time is getting more and more noticed. Here, all there is to know about it.

What is very peri make up

2022 is a year that winks at the purple color or, better said, at the very peri.

very peppery makeup
very peppery makeup

The news comes from Pantone which has announced that this purple color with shades of red will be the one that will predominate throughout the year. In truth, however, this color is much more than it seems. The pantone color 2022 very peri hides within itself different shades of colors among which there are precisely blue and red . And this even if at first glance the first idea that comes to mind is that of the purple color.

A purple that turns out to be able to change and adapt and that seems to marry at best both with clothing and, of course, with make-up and in particular with the much loved smoky eyes to be reviewed, of course, in violet shades.

Very peri: how to combine it with fashion

Purple, as we know, is not a very easy color to combine. A problem that is also reflected in the very peri. Although you can choose to wear it on your hair , as an eyeshadow or for which you want to dare as a lipstick, it is therefore very important to learn how to use it properly. The secret is obviously not to overdo it and to limit yourself to one choice at a time. In this way you will be noticed without overdoing it and giving your appearance that particular that can make a difference .

And if for clothing it suits everyone, as far as make-up is concerned it is certainly more suitable for those with brown hair or green eyes. If in doubt, one can limit oneself to a barely hinted at pencil line. Always impressive but in a chic and never banal way.

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