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Vitamin k2 and cholesterol, is essential to fight LDL: here’s where to find it

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Vitamin K2 is a precious ally to fight bad cholesterol: let's see why and in which foods it is contained.

Several studies have shown that vitamin K2 is very useful for fighting bad cholesterol and raising the good one. It is therefore important to include foods that contain it in abundance in the diet. Let's see why it helps fight the disease and in which foods it can be found.

Vitamin K2 and cholesterol: why is it important to take it?

Vitamin K2 is a great ally in fighting cholesterol . Those who struggle against LDL on a daily basis know very well that nutrition is essential for having normal blood values ​​and staying healthy. It is necessary to have a healthy diet, which is rich in plant foods and fibers and low in fat, red meat and alcohol. Physical activity is also very important, which must be carried out daily. You don't have to undergo exhausting workouts, mind you, just do a minimum of daily movement, perhaps moving on foot instead of by car.

Having clarified this, let's go back to the precious vitamin to fight bad cholesterol. According to numerous studies, K2 protects the cardiovascular system because it helps to lower the levels of bad LDL and to raise those of good cholesterol (HDL). Not only that, it is able to fight artery calcification, which occurs when LDL is deposited and oxidized within the arterial walls. Vitamin K2 is not only essential for heart and blood health, but also for bone health.


Where is vitamin K2 found?

Considering that vitamin K2 is essential for bone and heart health and helps fight bad cholesterol , it is good to introduce it daily through food . This vitamin is found in eggs, fermented foods (such as cheese, yogurt and dairy products), and meat. Those who do not take it through the diet can opt for a supplement , perhaps by having an ad hoc product recommended by the doctor or pharmacist.

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