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Viva Magenta, Pantone’s sparkling color 2023 can’t be missing in your wardrobe: how to wear it

Magenta women's suit

Glamorous and bold, Viva Magenta is the Pantone 2023 color we can't wait to wear

A magical, surprising color, full of energy, which accompanies us in a year in which to write a new human and personal story: this is how Pantone has chosen Viva Magenta for the year 2023, a nuance that descends from red but which takes on so many nuances that pigeonholing it in a dominant gradation is really difficult. A detail that makes it incredibly charming and eager to wear it. Don't be discouraged by the apparent complexity of this color: just combine it with simplicity and focus on strategic garments to make it more versatile than you might think!

Viva Magenta: which nuances can be combined with the Pantone 2023 color

More sophisticated than fuchsia, Viva Magenta goes very well with basic colors. Black and white are certainly the nuances with which we can never go wrong, as well as for denim and its washes. Basically we can play with two colors or dare with a color block but focusing on the same combinations and creating a soft contrast. Viva Magenta, precisely because it is a sign of audacity, is a very decisive nuance.

Fuchsia, bordeaux, cyclamen ? Yes, in fact, light does a lot and surely you too will have had the impression that in some moments this magical and vigorous color transforms into one of the nuances mentioned above. A detail that can help us identify as many colors with which we can dare to combine it if we don't want to focus on an essential total look . Even gray and beige in their light shades can be combined with vivid magenta and add forest green, lilac and red for the more enterprising.

The essentials: trousers, blazer, skirt, bag

So what are the must haves that can allow us to create colorful combinations and that we can easily match and wear? In reality, with the full clearance of fuchsia to be worn every day with ease, you will decide your must haves. Surely, however, a blazer will be a winning card, to be combined with jeans or black trousers to sign an unconventional suit.

Those who love this color but don't like a too lively style in the choice of colors can always focus on a bag , so as to cheerfully access a black or white total look, as well as trousers or a skirt can be a versatile garment to revive colors clear and give it a new life.

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