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Waiting for Halloween … from the icons of music and cinema to the classics: the trendiest costumes of 2022

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Characters from TV series and films, icons of cinema and music but also the classics for last minute looks: here are the Halloween costumes for 2022

Halloween is just around the corner and the desire to indulge in finding or creating an original costume is already starting to pause. What are the hottest trends? This year the characters from TV series and movies seem to invade the day of the most terrifying party of the year: Stranger Things , Euphoria , Squid Game are the names that circulate the most, flanked by classics such as music icons – Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury -, Harley Queen, Wednesday of the Adams, also thanks to the short release of the series on Netflix signed by Tim Burton, and of course there will be witch costumes that always save our lives last minute.

Indeed, if you want to indulge yourself this year, the Versace spring / summer 2023 catwalk could suggest a sexy gothic witch not necessarily in black revisited according to the latest trends or an alternative Corpse Bride .

Halloween Costumes 2022: Stranger Things, Euphoria, Squid Game

Being inspired by the characters of the TV series is also an opportunity to think about couple or even group costumes and the three trendiest series of this year will also lend themselves to the alternative of a theme party. This year was the one of the great return of Stranger Things and among the female roles that of Eleven undoubtedly the most loved: the choice of which costume of which season, to buy or why not also to make given the simplicity is up to you.

– The series that has influenced most of all make-up, looks, dress lines can only be with its originality and whimsy in the crosshairs of Halloween costumes: we are talking about Euphoria with her 2000s-style looks, colorful or dark, sparkling, exaggerated and neon fashion details. Also in this case you can have fun customizing your look by creating a strong contrast between clothes and makeup, two strong points of the costumes of the series.

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– As happened for The Paper House , it's up to Squid Game : a look also in this case very easy to achieve. Green jumpsuit or pink jumpsuit to combine with the iconic white Vans slip-ons, to make the look even more terrifying you can customize the costume with a zombie-style make-up, reinterpreting the spirit of the series in a personal way.

From cinema and music: the classics to be made in pairs or in groups

If you are lucky enough to be able to celebrate Halloween by going to a party with friends or as a couple, there are some classics that always work: first of all Harley Quinn and Joker, in recent times mainly inspired by Suicide Squad , and the couple Danny Zucco and Sandy by Grease in total black and leather.

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But also pay attention to the Adams family, more Halloween than any of them, a classic that could be very fun to make even for family parties, while if you are three sisters or a trio of friends go wild with the release of Hocus Pocus 2 why not choose Three Sanderson Sisters Style Witch Dresses?

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