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Waiting for Sanremo … some indiscretions on the looks of the artists competing!


Like any other, there is maximum confidentiality on the looks of the artists who will climb the Ariston, but some curiosity from the stylists has already leaked.

There are few hours that separate us from the beginning of the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival, also this year under the artistic direction and conduction of Amadeus, which during the five evenings will be joined by five different co-hosts. In addition to music, we know that fashion also plays on the Ariston stage, that of the stylists and the fashion houses that sign the look of artists and conductors.

If we had fun imagining the possible looks of Ornella Muti, who will open the first evening with Amadeus, and Sabrina Ferilli, already a veteran of the Festival, we know what to expect from Drusilla Foer , who has openly revealed who will wear her, now some anticipation arrives. for artists. No stylist goes into detail on the maison involved, of course, but some names have already been made.

Sanremo 2022: Nick Cerioni will wear Achille Lauro, Morandi, Rettore and Rkomi, Roberto Cavalli signs Michele Bravi’s looks

A name we heard last year for having revolutionized the look of Orietta Berti, a style that cannot be more contemporary pop: Nicolò “Nick” Cerioni is the stylist of the stars and certainly cannot be missing among the architects of the Sanremo looks and in fact, this year too he is ready to dress young people like Rkomi and Tananai , transformers like Achille Lauro and icons like Donatella Rettore and Gianni Morandi .

What look to expect? We know nothing about the signatures chosen by Cerioni, but about his intentions, yes. Surely it will be something unexpected and upsetting for the Big, surprising for Achille Lauro, who even without paintings will be very careful to marry a look that meets the taste of the song and his well-established glamorous style, while for the debut on Rkmoi’s Ariston and Tananai, a stage street pop.

– A great return this year on the Sanremo stage is that of Roberto Cavalli who will wear Michele Bravi , in a series of outfits designed specifically for him by the designer Fausto Puglisi , who has designed looks for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga: an important partnership for both the parties, since Bravi takes the stage presenting a new image in line with his artistic maturity. We talk about clothes inspired by works of art in full connection with the piece in competition.

The most anticipated looks of the 72nd edition of the Festival: San Giovanni, La represented by Lista, Noemi

There is strong curiosity for those who last year made the Sanremo stage also a fashion show: one cannot fail to start with The Representative of List , who for this year greets Valentino – who is rumored to be wearing Elisa – to choose the ironic style , irreverent and lively by Moschino , which fits perfectly with the end of the world told in the piece in the competition Ciao Ciao .

– Festival debut for SanGiovanni who chooses Diesel ‘s street style, and whose outfits are rumored to be a real storytelling of the piece in the five evenings: a custom made for which there is really a lot of curiosity and which aligns with the trend that seems emerge this year, tell your music through a dress that mirrors it.

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And in this regard, we have high expectations for Noemi , who last year enchanted us with the sparkling dresses taken from the Dolce and Gabbana archive but this year seems to propose a more energetic style, less diva but that will not go unnoticed.

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