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Waiting for the 2023 winter sales: start and end date region by region

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A single start date for all if not a few exceptions, a different end for each region: here's how to prepare for the 2023 winter sales

For our shopping and our unfulfilled fashion desires, 2023 could not start in the best way. Not even the time to say goodbye to the commitments of the holidays, shopping for gifts, decorations and delicacies, which in January we will already have to be ready to focus on the 2023 winter sales. Although there is a certain air of crisis and the wallet is not very flourishing – an Italian out of three spent less than 100 euros this year on gifts and a small percentage even thought of recycling them or not giving them at all – according to Confcommercio estimates, sales are always eagerly awaited and this year too they are confirmed as an appointment indispensable.

Winter sales 2023: when they start and what we will buy more

This year the start date will be officially the same for everyone: January 5, 2023, with the exception of Sicily where the start is scheduled for January 2, 2023. Even if the end of the year always reserves promotions, between those of Black Friday and Christmas discounts to encourage the purchase of gifts at affordable prices, it is clear that the winter sales are a great opportunity to buy accessories and clothing items that we have been courting for the past months, even at half price.


If during Black Friday we are not always lucky enough to see the items we love most discounted and never up to 50%, the winter sales light up the wish list of our desires. What will we buy more? Surely the trendy garments of the moment such as corsets, bodysuits, loungewear underwear and sweaters – which is always handy to have more in the winter wardrobe – will be the most desired, but also scarves and belts, precious this year for personalizing one's look. And of course the dream of being able to find an it-bag at a sustainable cost is a hunt you never give up.

Always keep an eye out for the giants of fast fashion: Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear and H&M online reward and surprise site subscribers with privileged access before the official date, generally communicated via email for newsletter subscribers or on the site's home page.

How long will the winter discounts last?

While the start date of the 2023 winter sales in Italy is the same for everyone, the end dates will vary from region to region. Here is a calendar that will help you plan your shopping days in the best possible way:

Abruzzo : January 5 (for 60 days)
Basilicata : 5 January – 2 March
Province of Bolzano : 5 January – 18 February
Calabria : 5 January – 28 February
Campania : 5 January – 2 April
Emilia Romagna : 5 January – 5 March
Friuli Venezia Giulia : 5 January – 31 March
Lazio : 5 January – 15 February
Liguria : 5 January – 18 February
Lombardy : 5 January – 5 March
Marche : 5 January – 1 March
Molise : 5 January – 5 March
Piedmont : 5 January – 28 February
Puglia : 5 January – 28 February
Sardinia : 5 January – 5 March
Sicily : 2 January – 15 March
Tuscany : 5 January – 5 March
Province of Trento : 5 January – 5 March
Umbria : 5 January – 5 March
Valle D'Aosta : 5 January – 31 March
Veneto : 5 January – 28 February

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