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Waiting for the fashion summer of 2023: what will we wear? The must-have items that we will (re) find in the wardrobe

Milan Fashion Week

Comfort, sensuality and romanticism: let's browse through the garments and trends for summer 2023

If you are already thinking about summer, don't worry, everything is normal. Especially now that we've just come out of a relatively festive period, in which we've all stolen a few days off. And if we've filled our wardrobe with sequined dresses, evening outfits, outerwear and second-hand items thanks to the sales, fantasize about what we'll wear this summer and how the thought cradles us as we await the next holidays. What will be the prevailing summer trends? To find out, we can rewind the tape and go back to the previews of the summer catwalks and report back, but we know well that social networks and influencers will enrich and perhaps distort the forecasts.

Summer 2023 fashion trends: trousers, more and more cargo!

We won't get rid of them, luckily! We're talking about cargo pants : practical, dynamic, always different, sporty but capable of being incredibly elegant. And above all very comfortable: after having grown fond of the comfy in the pandemic period and then having rediscovered the desire to wear something captivating to write the pages of newfound normality, we could not ask for anything better.

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In addition to the more sporty models to be modeled with elastic bands on the sides and ankles, with two large pockets or more, oversized or tight-fitting, with strings or minimal, the cargo trousers will be able to be casual combined with a t-shirt and glamorous worn with transparent garments or embellished with sequins for those looking for an alternative to the jumpsuit or evening dress.

Fantastic, romantic, sensual looks: flowers, hooded outfits, lingerie items

The women's fashion trends for summer 2023 will range from being gender to telling the more introspective, intimate and romantic side of female sensuality, notes that rhyme with transparencies, inspirations and items stolen from lingerie that continue to invade the daily wardrobe. Corsets, which have dominated the 2022 fashion trends, are a must have: from the lightest to the most sinuous ones to emphasize the shapes, they even remodel jackets, t-shirts and crop tops that are revisited as a kind of corset .

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Flowers will experience a new season: no longer just to embellish the textures of the garments, but they will flourish on the 3D version of the garments, a trend that exploded during the last summer fashion week from New York to Milan, from Milan to Paris: on dresses, sweaters, skirts, we will seem to be protagonists of a fantastic world.

From fantastic to fantasy is a snap. If this winter has seen the balaclava included in the trendiest accessories, this summer dresses, sweaters and tops will be characterized by hoods , to play a bit of mystery and a bit of adventure. Elegant, chic, the recurring trend will be to wear the hood in the 80s style, recalling the glam of Grace Jones.

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