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Waiting for the holidays in style: time for the beauty advent calendar! The most beautiful of 2022

Beauty advent calendar

A gift to give yourself or give in advance: beauty advent calendars surprise us again this year

A ritual that we raised as children and we eagerly awaited to savor the magic of the holidays and the gifts to be unwrapped day after day in December was to open the box of advent calendars. Once upon a time, there was only one calendar, that of chocolate, but today the music has changed: food, tea, DIY, there is something for all tastes and naturally also beauty, to celebrate the beauty of the holidays and also of ours, learning to take care of it.

Beauty advent calendars 2022: Nivea and Garnier, to take care of your body

The beauty world advent calendar is not only a nice way to wait for the holidays, but also to spend every day in the company of our favorite products or simply to discover them for the first time. In fact, there are more and more brands that now include the appointment with the advent calendar in their collections, just to relaunch or make known all those products that may have escaped us and are right for us.

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Also this year Nivea will take care of our body, with its festive packaging calendar – a snow-covered and colorful palace in full Christmas spirit – which makes us think of the old Barbie houses: inside skincare and haircare products, labellum, masks face and also some delicious bijoux and hair clips, perhaps to wear right on the eve. The price is 40 euros and you can find it on Notino .

The real surprise this year, however, is the Garnier advent calendar, which collects the best masks of the brand: a collection to be discovered every day and dedicated to the care of the face, lips and eye contour thanks to the toning, moisturizing and relaxing power of a nourishing face mask. The price is around 40 euros.

From the smartest to the most luxurious: Sephora, Make up Revolution and YSL

One of the most awaited ever, an appointment that make-up addicts renew every year is the Sephora beauty advent calendar, this year with a motivational flavor: it's called Wishing you and opens like an old book of fairy tales with a Christmas theme. In each box every day you can discover one of the products of the cosmetic and make-up line in a mignon format to use immediately, put in your bag or maybe keep for the next trip! It can already be purchased at a cost of around 45 euros on the brand's website .

– And for TV series lovers? Make up Revolution has taken care of it, a brand that enjoys a certain popularity online with a now classic seriality: how about a Game of Thrones themed advent calendar? The cost is around 67 euros and has the dimensions of a small chest of drawers – therefore nice to display too – with 24 drawers containing a make-up with a dark and intense palette, recalling the colors of the series.

– The appointment with YSL Beauty , on the other hand, is renewed: this year Kaia Gerbe r presented the gold and black calendar containing lipsticks, perfumes and nail polishes in a small format, showing the delicate packaging in a reel and refined of this year's packaging. Beautiful to see and to discover! The price is around 404 euros.

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