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Waking up tired: why it happens and what it can indicate

tired woman

Waking up tired in the morning is rather unpleasant and can compromise the whole day. Let's find out the causes.

When you wake up tired, your mood and performance tend to drop significantly. After all, the hours of sleep are used to rest and recharge in order to better face the days. For this reason, getting up tired in the morning can be a problem , especially if it tends to happen very often. For this reason, it is very important to find out the causes as soon as possible in order to intervene as soon as possible.

Waking up tired: the most common causes

One of the questions that most people often ask is "why do I wake up tired". This problem is in fact more common than you think and can have very different origins.

tired woman
tired woman

Among the most common are:

– Few hours of sleep
Sleep interrupted
– Sleep apnea
– Mood disturbances
– Heavy dinner
– Dehydration
– Use of smartphone or pc before sleeping

Fatigue as soon as you wake up, in these cases is easily resolved by changing your lifestyle.
On the contrary, if it does not pass, it makes it important to investigate in another way. First of all on the quality of sleep and then on the general state of health.

What to do, of course, together with the attending physician. Sleeping well is in fact essential to be able to live your life to the full and to be able to stay healthy both from a physical and psychological point of view.

How to improve sleep quality

To avoid tiredness as soon as you wake up, you can act on the quality of sleep trying to make it as comfortable as possible. To do this, it can be useful to avoid physical activity just before bedtime and try to spend the evening hours in a relaxed way.

A light dinner, with foods that help sleep and perhaps followed by a good herbal tea can do the rest. And to all this you can always add the care of the room in which you sleep . Making it as comfortable as possible, with a cool enough temperature and depriving it of electronic devices that can ruin the quality of sleep is a great help. By acting in this way you will be able to feel better immediately or understand if there are other problems to investigate at the base.

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