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Wallet pizza

wallet pizza

Preparing wallet pizza is really simple and in an instant you will feel like you are catapulted into the streets of the historic center of Naples.

The combination between Naples and pizza is almost inseparable, just think that the whole province has over 8,000 pizzerias! Among the boasts of Neapolitan cuisine, however, there is a pizza that is difficult to find outside the city limits: the wallet pizza. Emblem of street food , it is essentially a lightly stuffed pizza, served on a sheet of straw paper, which must be folded in four before being consumed .

wallet pizza
wallet pizza

How to prepare the wallet pizza recipe

  1. Place the water in a bowl and dissolve the yeast. Then add the flour little by little, mixing with a spoon and adding the salt only at the end. When the dough has taken consistency, cover it with cling film and let it rest for 10 minutes .
  2. Add the oil, mix quickly so that it is absorbed, then let the dough rest again for 30 minutes .
  3. Transfer it to the pastry board and proceed with 3 rounds of folds which will serve to give it strength. To make them, lift the dough from the center with two hands and fold it on itself. Place back in the bowl, cover with cling film and leave to rest for 8 hours in the refrigerator .
  4. Divide the dough so as to obtain 180 gram loaves (5 will come out with these doses) and let them rest covered at room temperature for 4 hours.
  5. Roll them out one by one with the help of a little flour until they reach a thickness of a few millimetres.
  6. Season with tomato puree and diced mozzarella and bake at 250° for about 10 minutes in the lowest part of the oven. Fold in four and serve.

Have you ever tried your hand at preparing classic homemade Neapolitan pizza ? It's not that difficult and gives great satisfaction.

How do you eat wallet pizza?

It seems impossible and yet the round pizza, the one usually served on a plate, can also be eaten while walking . The proof is right in the wallet pizza, but how do you eat it? The wallet pizza, as mentioned, is less stuffed than the classic pizza to be enjoyed sitting at the table to allow it to be folded.

Once baked, the pizza is placed on the characteristic sheet of straw paper and then folded in four by the trader with a few simple gestures that have a theatrical touch. The wallet pizza is held "by the tip" and you start eating from the crust . Be careful because getting sloppy is very simple!


The wallet pizza should be enjoyed immediately while it is still hot and steaming.

Origin and history

The origin of the wallet pizza is traced back by the journalist Matilde Serao to the Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba managed by the D'Ambrosio family, among the first to glimpse the possibility of making the classic Neapolitan pizza more usable as street food. The success was immediate and today you cannot leave Naples without trying the wallet pizza.

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