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Watermelon Caipiroska, a tasty long drink

Watermelon caipiroska

Perfect for summer, watermelon caipiroska is a vodka-based long drink perfect to serve after dinner or as an aperitif.

Summer brings with it lots of fresh and sweet fruit like watermelon. We wanted to make it the protagonist of a sweet drink perfect both as an aperitif and after party : the watermelon caipiroska. It is an alcoholic vodka-based recipe inspired by the more classic version. It's really simple to prepare and requires just a few ingredients.

This watermelon cocktail can also be prepared in a non-alcoholic version so as to make it suitable for those who prefer to avoid spirits or for children. Let's see all the steps to prepare this fresh drink.

Watermelon caipiroska
Watermelon caipiroska

How to prepare the watermelon caipiroska recipe

  1. First, remove the peel and seeds from the watermelon, cut it into pieces and blend it with an immersion blender until you obtain a puree.
  2. Separately, directly in the glass, crush the quartered lime with the sugar .
  3. Crush the ice with a powerful mixer or with the appropriate utensil and pour it into the glass, filling it halfway.
  4. Pour in the watermelon puree and vodka and give a quick stir.
  5. Cut the ice cubes into smaller pieces by placing it in a plastic bag and pounding it with a meat mallet. Fill the glass with the obtained grenadine.
  6. Serve, decorating as desired with a slice of lime.
Watermelon caipiroska infographic

It is also possible to prepare this cocktail using other seasonal fruit as we did with the strawberry and peach caipiroska.

Non-alcoholic watermelon caipiroska

The preparation is really similar to the original. The only difference is that we will replace the vodka with an equal amount of soda . Alternatively you can also use a carbonated lemon drink or a fruit juice with a tropical taste and pleasure.

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Like all cocktails, this one must be prepared and consumed at the moment .

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