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Waterproof mascara: let’s remove it completely in a correct way

remove mascara

Waterproof mascara is the ideal choice for long-lasting eye makeup. For its removal, however, you need a product that is effective but delicate.

Among the most stubborn cosmetics to remove, such as glitter nail polish or lip tint, there is certainly waterproof mascara! The reason for this difficulty reported by many people is precisely due to the nature of this product, which, having to resist water, has been formulated to remain "anchored" to the eyelashes as strongly as possible.
Do you love this product but does the idea of ​​taking tens of minutes to completely remove it from your eyes put you off? From today you can find a solution with our advice!

We remove even the most resistant makeup!

Removing waterproof mascara is possible, not only with chemical make-up removers but also with natural products that can make a difference. Indeed, in some cases while removing it, it will give beneficial properties to the eyelashes.

remove mascara
remove mascara

Children's shampoo, for example, is an effective make-up remover for removing water-resistant mascara as it is delicate and also suitable for a sensitive area such as the eye area. Hypoallergenic is usually free of fragrances and dyes. Don't forget to keep your eyes tightly closed to prevent the product from getting into your eyes and rinse well after application.

Olive oil (preferably organic and extra virgin) is an effective natural make-up remover to remove waterproof mascara. And all because it manages to counteract the impermeability of the product by managing to eliminate it from the eyelashes completely and immediately. Put some olive oil on your eyelashes and massage with your fingers. Then remove the residues with cotton pads and rinse your face with a delicate cleanser to remove the oil residues. Using it every night you will get healthier, longer and silkier eyelashes.

Finally, coconut oil is a very delicate remedy and also suitable for the eye contour area. Also in this case pour a few drops on a cotton ball and pass it on the eyelashes without rubbing, or massage with your fingers for at least 30 seconds. Once the mascara has dissolved, rinse with water to remove residues. This method is to be avoided if you have oily skin as it could make the situation worse.

The secret to eliminating it effortlessly

To allow easier removal of the product, it is important to first apply a coat of normal mascara and immediately follow with waterproof mascara, being careful not to let the first coat dry. In this way you will avoid the formation of small lumps, while the waterproof mascara will not be able to fully anchor to the lashes and removing make-up from the eyes will be much easier.

This could compromise the duration of the waterproof mascara a little but this is not necessarily the case because the final effect may not alter the function of our product : try to use thicker mascara for this operation for a perfect result. In addition to removing make-up from your eyes more easily, you will avoid dropping too many eyelashes. Which, in the long run, will make them more resistant and beautiful to look at.

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